Greater emphasis on music and art in schools!

Greater emphasis on music and art in schools!

Ever picked a science or engineering course over the arts and music because it was more 'practical'? Well, now our kids will have more options in the future as music and the arts are becoming increasingly viable career choices.

Art and music

Singapore is putting greater emphasis on the arts and music

Art and music enrichment centres are seeing a greater demand for their services from schools, and are hiring more staff to meet these needs, thanks to the Ministry of Education’s (MOE’s) push towards soft skills.

At the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts’ (Nafa) job fair yesterday, three centres told The Straits Times that the increased demand may be linked to the MOE’s greater emphasis on art and music to nurture soft skills in pupils.

the arts and music

Piano playing some say is the heart of music and a resilient art form!

Schools are turning to art and music enrichment centres to run classes. Madam Nancy Pey, principal of WowART Learning, which runs art classes at about 40 primary and secondary schools, says 40 more will be taking up its programmes.

Art in schools

Art is becoming an increasingly viable career option for kids in school

Music and art have been neglected long enough in schools especially when some teachers use these lessons to teach math or science instead. This is a great start to exposing kids to the wonderful world of music and the arts!

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Felicia Chin

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