Smart savings for mums and dads at the Great Singapore Sale 2018!

Smart savings for mums and dads at the Great Singapore Sale 2018!

Shop smart at this year's GSS to grab the best bargains!

Are you getting ready for the Great Singapore Sale 2018? Indeed, it is that time of the year again where the streets and malls in Singapore are filled with people scrambling for the best deals in town.

What makes GSS so special every year is being able to find an amazing array of bargains over a large period of time.

Running from 8 June to 12 August, it is a shopaholic’s dream come true and the reason all husbands hide their wallets during this time of year. To make life easier for busy mums, we came up with a quick list of the best deals for parents.  

But before that, here are some smart saving tips for mums who are getting all geared up to do some retail therapy.

1) Do Your Research

great singapore sale 2018

Find out the best credit card offers for the Great Singapore Sale 2018

Doing your research before the sale is your best bet because then you will know where to get the best deals. Take for example your credit cards. Are they offering great cash back returns? What is their minimum spend requirements? How about reward credit cards and what spending categories give you the most points? 

How about departmental store credit cards? Do you frequent Takashimaya, Tangs and Robinson’s for example?

We hear Robinsons is running a “Go #Savage If The Price Is Right” campaign during the Great Singapore Sale 2018 with up to 70% off* + additional up to 20% off* for OCBC Robinsons Group Visa Cardmembers from 14-17 Jun.

Do you see what we mean? Department store credit cards can offer huge discounts and even free delivery if you meet their terms, so always research on the latest offers.

Always bear in mind your spending cap so you don’t go overboard. We know how tempting it can be to tell yourself, oh we’re going to “need” this or “need” that when the price is oh-so-amazing. Mummy, baby and kid essentials are not cheap, we know.

Also, did we mention the GSS GoSpree app? If you haven’t downloaded the app, please do. This free app will help you get your hands on even more discounts. So be sure to research on the ones you want to use, and compile them before heading out to shop.

2) Not just Child-Friendly but Family-Friendly

great singapore sale 2018

Being child-friendly is great, but having something for everyone in the family is even better at the Great Singapore Sale 2018!

Why? Because while we always tend to put our kids first, let’s go to places that can cater to the needs of the entire family. Great food is a must, but a variety of entertainment choices for everyone in the family could also provide that oh-so-precious bonding time every family needs. It’s even better if these places include convenient amenities for parents with babies and strollers!

A great place to go in the west is Westgate shopping mall, which has this amazing rooftop playground. Other attractions for kids include a choo-choo train ride, Zoomoov rides, cassia seeds play area and paid craft activities. But did we forget to mention it has seven floors of stores to choose from?

If you prefer wide aisles and ample space when bringing the entire family, then head down to VivoCity. To know more about their promotions, you can always check out their promo guide. We hear they will be having lucky draws as well as a shopping challenges lined up. 

All the malls are bound to have promotions and fun-filled events for their members like this Dino Workshop and Crafts for kids at Suntec City. Again, remember to do the research for the mall you plan to visit and check for the cheapest parking options available if you are planning to drive there.

3) Buy Gift Vouchers for Less on Carousell

great singapore sale 2018

Save more during the Great Singapore Sale 2018 with vouchers that are cheaper on Carousell!

If you are an avid Carousell user then you would already know the number of gift cash vouchers and gift cards being sold there for cheaper-than-retail prices. The popular ones that usually get snatched up fast are those from NTUC and Takashimaya Vouchers.

These aren’t regular vouchers with terms and conditions that won’t allow you to use them during sales and promotions. These are cash vouchers that were given to someone who can’t find the use for them and decides to let them go for cheaper on Carousell.

Some can be sold for $10 less. You might think that’s not very much, but when you do the math and use these vouchers on top of the promotional prices during the Great Singapore Sale 2018, that is added savings for you. Be sure to find the ones with no conditions attached and to ask all the questions you can before purchasing the vouchers.

4) To Shop Early or to Shop Later?

great singapore sale 2018

Do you get more savings in the beginning or later during the Great Singapore Sale 2018?

As a busy mum, you can’t be in malls all day every day. But when should you actually head out to the malls? Do you go earlier so that you have a greater choice of sizes for the children’s clothes? Or should you go later when they start going to town with the discounts?

Most people have the misconception that they need to do the kiasu thing and grab everything in the beginning. Yes, perhaps, for certain items. But don’t forget that most malls tend to replenish their goods midway through the sale.

While Orchard Road remains the main attraction for everyone because many shopping destinations are within walking distance, ION Orchard is a popular choice too. More bargain friendly malls would be Tanglin MallOrchard Central[email protected] and many others. Do plan your shopping trip well before heading out. This will ensure that you make the best out of the Great Singapore Sale 2018 with friends and family.

Quick Picks for Top Deals During the Great Singapore Sale 2018:



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Ocean Paradise


Cotton On


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