Great reasons not to skip breakfast

Great reasons not to skip breakfast

Find out why you (and the kids) should never skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day…

When I was growing up, I remember my parents drilling me with the many reasons why breakfast should never be skipped by anyone in our home.

To make sure that my brother and I practiced this healthy eating habit, Mum would be the first to wake up in the morning to prepare breakfast for all of us before we dashed off to school/work.

reasons not to skip breakfast

When I was growing up, I usually start the day with a slice of buttered toast, some soft-boiled eggs and a cup of warm MILO.

Our breakfast menu was usually made up of quick and simple to prepare items: a slice or two of buttered toast, soft-boiled eggs and a cup of MILO for that burst of energy to get us through the first half of school before morning break.

Now, years later, with a family and home to call my own, I don’t skip breakfast and have kept the habit of starting the day with breakfast – even on days when I’m super strapped for time in the morning.

reasons not to skip breakfast

Reasons not to skip breakfast: A healthy granola bar is the perfect breakfast choice for busy mums and kids on the go.

Usually, for ‘no time for breakfast’ days, I either gulp down a cup of warm MILO and chew on a granola bar as my first meal of the day. This way, I still don’t skip breakfast — I just have a simpler version of it!

Why bother with breakfast?

You may be wondering why I bother about having breakfast when I could easily skip it and compensate with a big early lunch (more commonly known as brunch).

skip breakfast

Great reasons not to skip breakfast: It’s good to start this healthy eating habit from young.

Well, I think it’s largely due to the eating habits that I’ve been practicing while growing up, so now it just seems like a natural thing for me to do.

Besides that, various studies have also shown the benefits of having breakfast — among which were better focus, increased energy levels and improved overall health.

1. Break the fast for better balance

Try looking at the word ‘breakfast’ as 2 separate words and you’ll see the function of this all-important meal.

By eating breakfast, you are ‘breaking’ the all night ‘fast’ of not eating for several hours. This will help to work up your metabolism and you just might burn those extra calories faster.

skip breakfast

The prolonged hours of not eating is sure to help you work up an appetite come morning. Need more reasons not to skip breakfast?

2. Lose those extra kilos

Studies have shown that people who don’t skip breakfast, i.e. eat it daily, have a better chance of losing weight by not overeating during lunch due to extreme hunger. Of course, this does not mean that you should indulge in sugary pastries or honey-coated cereals for breakfast.

Instead, go for healthier choices such as scrambled eggs and oatmeal – accompanied with a cup of MILO that’s full of the goodness of malt, milk and cocoa. Doing so not only keeps you full longer; it also helps you set a good example for your kids about eating healthy.

3. Stay at the top with better energy and focus

reasons not to skip breakfast

Kids who eat breakfast generally learn better and are more alert in school.

Ever wondered why some kids learn and get things done faster than the rest in the classroom? Studies show that people who eat breakfast tend to be more alert and be in a better mood than those who choose to skip breakfast. This makes a lot of sense as we all know how difficult it is to stay focused on work when all we can think of is food for our rumbling tummy come mid-morning.

To help your kids stay alert during lessons in school, you can pack a packet of MILO Ready To Drink in their lunch box for that much-needed energy boost. Don’t forget to include some nutritious snacks too!

reasons not to skip breakfast

Fill up your kids’ lunch box with healthy, nutritious snacks. You can also include a packet of MILO Ready To Drink to give them that much needed energy boost on the go!

4. Put health on the right track

Having breakfast at the start of each day has been proven to help lower your risk of diabetes and obesity. This can be attributed to the fact that having food in your body puts your system to work by regulating your insulin levels.

reasons not to skip breakfast

When you’re not over-hungry, you’re more likely to make wiser food choices throughout the day. Try going for choices that gives you a good mix of nutrients such as protein, fibre and carbs.

Also, when you start the day with a fulfilling meal, you’re more likely to make wiser food choices for your next few snacks and meals throughout the day – and to have them in just the right amount.

Do you have any other reasons why we shouldn’t skip breakfast? Share them with us by commenting below – we’d love to hear from you!


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