Great-grandma saves toddler from lethal tornado

Great-grandma saves toddler from lethal tornado

An 80-year-old great grandmother became a real-life hero when her selfless act of shielding her great grandson in a tornado saved his life. Also find out how to prepare your children for an emergency situation.

Great-grandma saves toddler from lethal tornadoWe have all heard stories of parents or family members displaying superhuman strength when their loved ones are in trouble such as lifting cars single handedly or pulling children from burning buildings.

Unlikely hero

In a news report carried by the NY Daily News, this great-grandmother became an unlikely hero to her toddler grandson when their hometown was struck by a fierce tornado that wreaked havoc in their house and neighbourhood. Betty Stewart, 80, does not look anything like a hero with greying hair and reading glasses. The petite octogenarian was babysitting her great-grandson, two-year-old Zane McFarland, when a tornado ripped through their neighbourhood.

The tornado produced gusts of winds strong enough to flip cars and rip roofs and houses from their foundations.

I’ll keep you safe

Presumably unable to run to a safe house or a cellar, Stewart was said to have wrapped her frightened great-grandson with a blanket and shielded him with her body as she comforted him with reassurance that she would not let him go as the tornado raged outside. The strong winds eventually ripped her home to shreds and flung both boy and great grandmother into the road.

Fortunately both of them survived and according to a family member, Stewart was unable to remember anything else after being flung out of the house, except that somebody found her on the road and that she never let go of her great-grandson.

Broken but safe

Both of them were rushed to the hospital with the little boy’s major injuries being a broken femur while Stewart who faced the full brunt of the powerful winds, suffered a broken femur and back, skin lacerations as well as bleeding in her brain due to the impact of the fall. Both are said to be on the road to recovery and can consider themselves lucky that their life was spared from those killer winds.

Being prepared

While Singapore is safe from the threat of such natural disasters, it is always good for you and your family to know what to do in the event of an emergency. After all being prepared is the first line of defense.

  1. Teach your children to call the relevant authorities such as the police or ambulance.
  2. Consider pasting a list of emergency numbers and contacts in a place that your child can read or get to such as by the phone, in case you are not in a position to call for help.
  3. Assign a safe house that your child should be able to get to should he or she become separated from you during a stampede etc.

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Wafa Marican

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