7 great birthday party ideas for girls!

7 great birthday party ideas for girls!

Nowadays, girls are interested in a lot of different things and often opt to have a unique themed party for their birthday. Find out which idea is perfect for your little girl.

  1. Rocker Chick

Is your little girl into music and performing like Hannah Montana or Selena Gomez? Why not let her have a Rocker Chic themed party! Instead of the ordinary printed invitations, make special VIP passes in clear ID covers as invitations. For the party activities, you can hire face tattoo artists, “paparazzi” photographers and set up a video booth for guests too. If your little girl sings or plays an instrument and isn’t shy, she can perform onstage.

  1. MVP

Sporty girl? You can choose to have a general sport themed party or a specific one like basketball, soccer or volleyball. For the party invites, create trading cards with your girl as the MVP. All guests should wear jerseys that are appropriate to the party theme. Party activities can include sprint contests, dodge ball and other activities that promote active play.

  1. Magic

Make your girl’s party magical! Hire a magician as the main entertainment. Hand out top hat head bands, small stuffed rabbits, decks of cards and magic wands to complete the magical experience.


Read on for more themes!

  1. Animals

Animal parties are always considered as fun and educational. Ask your daughter what type of animals she would want to pet so you can hire someone to bring them in. Rabbits, chickens, goats, pigs, sheep, and turtles will be perfect. Frogs, lizards and non-poisonous snakes can also be included if your child is not scared. If live animals are not an option, stick to stuffed animals or figures.

  1. Carnival/Circus

Send some clowns in for your daughter’s party. Magicians can be hired for this theme as well. Offer peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs in buns as snacks to stay true to the theme.

  1. Cowgirl

Is it your girl’s dream to don a pair of cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat? If you can, provide horseback rides for the guests as well. Hand out sheriff stars and mini cowboy hats as souvenirs.

  1. Hawaiian Luau

Letting your child celebrate in a pretty grass skirt is definitely one of the most fun birthday party ideas. Souvenirs for guests may include candy garlands as well as hula hoops and grass skirts for girls, and sarongs and mini Styrofoam surfboards for boys.


Let us know which theme you are going with in the comments below!

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