10 Superhero birthday party themes

10 Superhero birthday party themes

Superheroes are the 'it' thing of this decade whether they come in the form of Batman or Superman. And, birthday parties are making sure that they are in on all the fun. Find out which superheroes to use as inspiration for your child's next birthday party theme.

No doubt that both girls and boys like superheroes, and fortunately with today’s technology there is a superhero for everyone. But how can we incorporate superheroes into our child's life if they love them so much?

Superhero parties are a creative and easy way to have fun. Let's not forget, what's even more worth it is being able to see the smile on your child’s face.

Here are some different superheroes that you may want to set your party theme around:

Superheroes theme party Iron Man


Marvel has redefined its cartoon character for the 21st century. Introducing 3 Ironman movies to peek anyone’s interest, Ironman is available for boys and girls alike. You can pick and choose which way to use it depending on your child’s preference. There are many department stores that will carry anything you need to prepare for the best party.


The avengers is another marvel creation that has been brought into the 21st century by the latest technology. It's a great party idea for any superhero lover that cannot decide on one superhero to centre around. Many of the party decorations are found in any local store. Several online sites will carry a large variety of ideas to use for a superhero party.

Superheroes theme party Spiderman


A superhero that has been around for centuries and is still going strong. Every little boy has heard or seen the story of Spiderman. You can even find a costume for your child to wear, so they can get into character for the party.

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Superheroes theme party Superman


The old Clark Kent syndrome has lasted ages. Every little boy dreams that they are indestructible and can do anything. Just do not let them try to fly, because you know they will. The Superman superhero character has birthday party supplies everywhere. You can even find them in some marketplaces. There are thousands of online sites that carry a large selection of party decorations.

Superheroes theme party Batman


Since the 1960’s Batman has been astounding children of all ages. The original Batman (Adam West) brought a feeling of realism to the shows, which all children picked up on. There is not a little boy that has not wondered what it would be like to have wings and fly. This is the best party idea for any little boy with imagination.  

Superheroes theme party Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

This is a superhero clearly made just for girls. With her invisible airplane, she soars around looking for people in trouble. She is the perfect superhero for any little girl who is not into princesses. The only down fall to this party idea is that you may have to look online for the decorations. Many brick party stores consider this outdated and may not carry the decorations.

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Superheroes theme party Green Lantern

Green Lantern

The latest in the superhero line, Green Lantern is the protector of all the Earth. His green glow is from his will to help people in need. This is the perfect party idea for any child who loves green.

Superheroes theme party Jenny Quantum

Jenny Quantum

Jenny Quantum is a very popular comic book hero for many Asian children. This female superhero is a favourite since her appearance in 2000. Fighting evil with her keen senses and abilities. She'd be great for kids that love to incorporate some kind of educational aspect to their parties.

Superheroes theme party Katana


A superb samurai who uses her deadly sword to fight evil around the world. This character  appears in many comic vine editions. Katana was on Outsiders, a superhero team that was hand-picked by Batman. Now, how many superheroes can say they were hand picked by "the" Batman. We didn't think so either.

Superheroes theme party Power Rangers

Power Rangers

The Power Rangers are loved around the world by many children. This is an easy superhero birthday idea that can be used for both boys and girls. A very versatile idea because you can use all or just one. Perfect for birthday parties that are being celebrated for both a girl and boy. The colors can be used for both of them.

We hope this list helped in deciding which superhero to use as inspiration for your child's next birthday party theme! Tell us if you have any more suggestions! We'd love to hear! For more ideas for an Avengers themed party, here's a video:

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