Grandma killed trying to protect grandson in Singapore

Grandma killed trying to protect grandson in Singapore

Read about the details of this tragic accident in Singapore and find out how to keep your kids safe from reversing vehicles.

This tragic case is a sobering reminder to us all to take road safety seriously even when we are home.  A freak accident which occurred in Singapore along Chancery Hill has torn a family apart and they may never fully recover from this traumatic event. Last month, a grandmother was killed when she tried to protect her grandson from a reversing car driven by her husband.

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outdoor safety for children

The elderly man reversing the car was unaware his 2-year-old grandson was behind him.

Tragic accident

What was supposed to be an enjoyable holiday for the deceased grandmother and her husband took a dramatic turn for the worst. The elderly couple, both in their 70s, came to Singapore on a holiday to visit their son who lives in a bungalow in Chancery Hill with his family. The family is reportedly an Italian family but their names have not been released to the media.

On that fateful day, the grandfather was reversing his car but was unaware that his 2-year old grandson was cycling into the path of the reversing vehicle. His wife saw the impending danger and shouted to her husband to stop. Unfortunately, the elderly man panicked and stepped on the accelerator instead of the brakes. His wife ran to pull her grandson aside but unfortunately both her grandson and her were hit by the reversing vehicle.

outdoor safety for children

The young child has survived the accident but his leg could not be reattached.

The casualties resulting from that accident were more serious than one could possibly imagine. The grandmother passed away in Tan Tock Seng Hospital later that day. The two-year-old boy survived but lost his leg in the accident. A female doctor who was the neighbour of the Italian family and coincidentally was at the scene of the accident rushed over immediately. She tried to ice the severed leg of the boy hoping that that surgery could reattach the leg but a report on the Asiaone website stated that the leg could not be reattached.

If accidentally causing the death of his wife wasn’t traumatic enough, the grandfather will now have to live with the guilt of turning his grandson into a cripple as well. No one can possibly understand the kind of inner turmoil he is experiencing and we can only hope that the family manage to move on from this traumatic ordeal.

Find out some tips on outdoor safety for children on the next page!

The importance of outdoor safety for children

While what happened was indeed a rare accident, it serves as a reminder about the importance of outdoor safety for children. Children are often unaware of how dangerous their surroundings can be and it is imperative that we do all we can to educate them. Here are some great tips on outdoor safety for children.

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outdoor safety for children

Find out what are some tips to prevent casualties when children play outdoors.

3 tips for outdoor safety for children

1. Many outdoor accidents occur on the road and it is important that you brief your children on road safety. Remind them to always look left and right when crossing the road and if possible, hold their hands when you are out. This includes driveways and car parks. If your helper takes your children out and is on the road with them (for instance when taking them to school) ensure that she knows not to use her mobile phone and to keep the child on the inside of the pavement away from traffic. And of course, never cross the road except at the lights. Your children are watching you and modeling your behaviour. Set a good example.

2. Supervise your children when you are outdoors, especially if they are young, at all times. This is especially important if your children are swimming or playing on their bikes or scooters. Make sure they have the right safety equipment on, for instance a flotation jacket or a helmet and knee guards.

3. Singapore may be safe but that does not mean danger is non-existent. Remind them to never talk to or follow strangers anywhere even if the stranger claims to be their friend. Teach them to shout loudly for their caretaker when approached.

If you have any more helpful tips for outdoor safety for children, please feel free to add onto this list!

Check out this video for Mediacorp Channel 5’s coverage of this accident,

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