Why every couple should enjoy a staycation at least once every quarter

Why every couple should enjoy a staycation at least once every quarter

Your Grand Park Orchard staycation awaits!

My husband and I have been married for just about a year. In this time, we had to move into our new home and endure endless back and forth conversations with our contractor on renovations, we had our hectic whirlwind of a wedding and in the midst of all that, we also found out we were expecting a baby. So holidays were the last thing on our minds. 

But this eventually tired us out and we really needed a way to recharge! So we ended up doing a staycation, which coincided with our anniversary and allowed us to slow down enough to enjoy a mini babymoon. 

Staycations have been popular among the younger Singaporean couples recently: mostly due to the fact that they’re not too heavy on the wallet and you get a luxurious experience out of it!

Here’s what we learned from having our Grand Park Orchard staycation last month:

grand park orchard staycation

Let the hotel know what occasion you’re celebrating to get a special set up in the room.

1. You DO need at least one day once in a while where you don’t do ANYTHING

Couple staycations, especially for parents, is a great time to just do… nothing. Take it as a day off to rest and recover. Forget about the house chores, the 1239865098 things you have to do for the kids. Use this time to enjoy each other’s company and find ways to be intimate. 

grand park orchard staycation

Bar Canary is located next to the lobby of Grand Park Orchard and offers al fresco seating while you sip on cocktails and wine.

2. It’s a great way to appreciate your own city

Singapore is a great city to live in. But it’s also extremely hectic! Many of us haven’t actually had the time to explore our city because we’re always taking it for granted. It’s always going to work then back home and the cycle repeats. On the weekends, we spend a lot of time taking the kids for activities.

During your staycation, it is a good time to explore the city and find hidden gems like Bar Canary at Grand Park Orchard where you can kick back and unwind with a cocktail in its al fresco setting. Who knew that this poolside bar existed right in the heart of Orchard Road and would be such an idyllic getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city?

grand park orchard staycation

Enjoy a dim sum (boozy) brunch at Mitzo at Grand Park Orchard.

3. You get to try (lots of) new food

Whenever we go out with our kids or in-laws, we tend to gravitate towards familiar spots. We like to visit places that we KNOW are kid-friendly or that the whole family can enjoy. But this means that the rotation of makan spots you get to try tend to be pretty limited. 

If you were used to being an avid foodie, trying all the newest, hottest spots in town before having kids, you might miss these gastronomical adventures. 

So, what better opportunity to take to try new food than when you’re doing a private staycation with your spouse? My husband and I were treated to a sophisticated dim sum brunch buffet at Mitzo at Grand Park Orchard and it was a delight to the senses. 

grand park orchard staycation

Mitzo’s signature special barbecued pork is not to be missed.

From signature dishes like Mitzo’s special barbecued pork (a must-try!) to their cheese baked lobster with creamy seaweed sauce, you will be spoilt for choice with their spread.

grand park orchard staycation

If you’re a fan of lobster, then this is a must-try! The Cheesy Baked Lobster With Creamy Seaweed Sauce.

My husband got to enjoy his brunch with a glass of champagne, but the staff did not make me feel left out and prepared a delicious passionfruit mocktail. 

grand park orchard staycation

Watch the sunset over Orchard Road from your room at Grand Park Orchard.

4. You get to sleep in

We don’t really have to elaborate how awesome this last point is now, do we?

Our overall staycation experience at Grand Park Orchard was one of necessity but also of luxury. Getting to wake up to a very quiet Orchard Road on a Sunday morning is an interesting sight to see. The room we stayed in faced the busy Takashimaya crossing as the hotel is located right next to Paragon and Takashimaya. So we had a great view of things from there. It also gave us the chance to hit the shopping malls before the throngs of tourists descended. 

grand park orchard staycation

The staff at Mitzo prepared us special longevity buns to take away as a blessing during our babymoon staycation.

Service at Grand Park Orchard hotel and its establishments like Bar Canary and Mitzo are second to none. Upon knowing I was pregnant, the kitchen at Mitzo had prepared some special longevity buns for us as a symbol of blessing. 

We really felt at home at Grand Park Orchard – and would definitely return to this centrally located hotel for our next staycation (which hopefully won’t be as distant as a year from now!). 

Especially now that we know that Grand Park Orchard is also one of the more kid-friendly hotels in town, providing amenities for babies at no additional cost, including a baby bathtub, baby-friendly toiletries, a baby cot as well as a bottle steriliser! Mitzo, the in-house restaurant, is also kid-friendly with educational shows playing in their mini-theatre area in the playroom. 

It is truly the perfect staycation hotel in town for the whole family!



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Sarah Voon

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