The Sentosa Buskers Festival 2011!

The Sentosa Buskers Festival 2011!

School’s out and the kids are getting restless. If you’re looking for some excitement before prepping for the kids’ final term, we know of the perfect place for you.


Take part in Sentosa Buskers Festival!

Busking is a form of entertainment, where street performers display their skills for some gratuities and the crowds, thoroughly entertained. Sounds like some fun?

Then head down to Sentosa Buskers Festival – the place to bond with your kids with some laughter, and get a little crazy! We give you the lowdown on the scene, and a few tips for the road.

Frankly, don’t plan to spend just a couple of hours there; we can assure you that you will be too busy racing from stage to stage, armed with your cameras and excited kids, to keep an eye on the time. So, don’t leave too early, because as the night falls, the atmosphere gets positively electric, the crowds get more energetic and the performances are more exhilarating!

The brilliant performances, paired with their own brand of humour will have your mind boggled, your sides in stitches, and everybody completely entertained. The buskers, from all over the world, will have you amazed with incredible feats -from circus entertainment to comedy, juggling to acrobatics, and even a life-size statue, you won’t know what to expect from the very next act! Do plan out your itinerary so that you get to catch every one of the performers’ hare-brained antics at the four pitches (Imbiah, Merlion Plaza, Songs of the Sea Forecourt and Siloso Beach). Even better, just admit you can’t get enough and come down again another day for more – we know that we will be!


Some acts which are a definite must-see include Aythan Ross the Royal Balanzo, Circus Came to Town by Tina Green and Karcocha the Imaginary Mime. Get physical with Louise Kerr who is Nuts about Aerobics, and your brains in a twist with Senmaru and Yuki the Japanese Jugglers. Some are a little harder to spot, though. Look out for David Engel, the Human Statue, and be sure to grab a photo when you can because this is one statue which never stays put for very long! Don’t forget to also catch John Gowdy the Random Painter and his spectacular works of art. You may even put in a bid at the end of the show if you are interested in any of the paintings; all proceeds go to the Community Chest.
When it comes to fun, the number one key to having a great time at Sentosa Buskers Festival is to participate as much as possible. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s all for the kids, because you might be surprised to be called on to be part of the acts! So, roll up your sleeves and get ready for some fun yourself.
Don’t worry too much about the crowds, there is ample space to settle everyone down for a good clear view of the show.


Tip: be early to grab good spots, seat yourself near the stage, or crowd around beside it. You will want the good view to witness the spectacular tricks with your very own eyes. We cannot guarantee, however, that it will stop you from being completely astonished and wondering how on earth they manage such feats!

An important reminder – don’t forget to capture the moment! Feel free to ask any one of the friendly and helpful crew to handle your cameras as you cozy in for snapshots with the performers. Remember – the crazier, the better, so put on your wackiest smiles and poses and say, “Cheese!” And once you have gotten your favourite shots, send them in for the ‘My Favourite Busker Moments’ Photography Contest and stand a chance to win $1,000 in cash! And if photos are not your thing, why not get your little artists to display their skills? Take part in the Kids Colouring Contest, open to all children 12 and below, and they just might win a Sentosa Hamper worth $200!

After the performances, do remember to tip generously. Access to the event is free, but all voluntary proceeds go towards supporting Community Chest. That way you and your family get to have a blast and do your part for the community.

A few other things to note: stay hydrated and cool; indulge in an ice-cream while watching the show. Bring an umbrella, it’s better to always be prepared! Speaking of which, be prepared also to come back again because we can guarantee that just one evening at Sentosa Buskers Festival is simply not enough! Another tip: we hear that Sentosa is giving back to the community by offering free island admission on Saturday, 10th September 2011! You can take the Sentosa Express at VivoCity Level 3, or simply stroll in on the Sentosa Boardwalk anytime between 7am to 11.59pm for a day of fun!

Sentosa Buskers Festival
3rd to 11th September 2011
4pm – 10pm
Imbiah, Merlion Plaza, Songs of the Sea Forecourt and Siloso Beach
Event admission is free (Basic entry charges to Sentosa still apply.)

For more details, visit or

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Miss Vanda

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