Gotta catch 'em all: Here are the best places to go Pokemon hunting in Singapore with your bubs

Gotta catch 'em all: Here are the best places to go Pokemon hunting in Singapore with your bubs

Here's where you can catch Pokemons without having to deal with your kids getting restless!

Parents, has the Pokemon Go hype hit you yet? Ever since the release of the game, Singaporeans of all ages can be seen walking around our island (and some, even further) with their eyes glued to their smartphones, hoping to catch the next rare Pokemon. But the thing is, where do you catch Pokemons without having to deal with your kids getting restless?

Here's our guide to the best kid-friendly Pokestops in Singapore!


#1 Botanic Gardens


This UNESCO World Heritage Site will have your kids running around the open fields while you catch all the Pokemons there is in the many Pokestops that Botanic Gardens allegedly has. There were some users on social media who stated that they caught rare Pokemons such as Voltorbs there! Also, there are so many different things that you can see and do in Botanic Gardens as well as enjoy the performance from the Singapore Symphony Orchestra on selected Sunday evenings.


#2 East Coast Park


Well, specifically, Marine Cove. There are so many people at Marine Cove catching Pokemons that the ratio of people walking to that of people cycling is probably 5:1. Pokemons such as Meowth, Gyrados, Ponyta and Charmander can be caught here, especially when users keep using their lures. Also, with the huge playground and MacDonalds, your kids will never get bored. You can also choose to have dinner at the Lagoon which has really good Pokemons as well!
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#3 Chinese Gardens


Located all the way in the west region of the island, the Chinese Garden has seen an increase in its visitors since the release of the game. For some reason, there are so many rare Pokemons in this area that you'd start having plans on investing in a power bank if you don't already have one. Also, take some time to marvel at the beautiful Chinese architecture that the gardens offer including the iconic structure of the twin Pagodas. Pokemons that you can expect here? Blastoise, Gyarados and many water-based Pokemons!


#4 Wildlife Reserves Singapore


Every single wildlife park in Singapore is ideal for both the Pokemon hunter and the animal lover. These places are also spacious and completely safe, so your kids can roam around and spend ample time marvelling at all the different animals. There are also several Pokestops at all the parks but be sure to pack the sunblock!


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#5 Shopping Malls


Many shopping malls these days have adopted the family-friendly concept and come with playgrounds, water parks and more. And by now, you should already notice that places that are mostly populated such as tourist spots are filled with many Pokestops. The best example would be Vivocity, which is also conveniently located near tourist hotspot Sentosa. Vivocity is filled with plenty of lures and most can be accessed at Toys R Us. Convenient, right?

Mummies, how's your Pokemon hunting going so far? Share your thoughts with us!

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Pavin Chopra

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