Come catch ‘em all at the region’s first-ever Pokemon Research Exhibition!

Come catch ‘em all at the region’s first-ever Pokemon Research Exhibition!

Fulfill every dream your child,or even you, has ever had about being a Pokemon trainer at the S.E.A. Aquarium in Resorts World Sentosa!

When is it?

Arriving just in time for the school holidays, the Pokemon Research Exhibition will run from the 22nd of October 2016 to the 2nd of January 2017.

What is it?


This is the chance for you (mummy and daddy poke-fans) and your children to test your Pokemon knowledge. This is the region’s first ever Pokemon Research Exhibition, previously, the exhibition was only available in Japan - so you definitely don’t want to miss it!

The Pokemon Research Exhibition is an extremely interactive exhibition where adults and children alike will be able to test their poke-knowledge.

You will be given a Pokeball of your choice and using 4 out of the 8 machines, you will need to guess what Pokemon resides within from the clues given about its characteristics. This is the true test of your knowledge and skills!

For more details on pricing and the highlights, head on over to the next page!

How much is it?

You will need to purchase a one-day pass into the S.E.A. Aquarium before paying the additional admission for the Pokemon Research Exhibition itself. This will cost you roughly S$38 for adults and S$26 for children.


Prices vary depending on whether you are a Singapore Citizen/PR, and if you are the owner of any season passes to Resorts World Singapore.

What will kids love?


One of the best parts about the exhibition, we feel, is being given a physical Pokeball with the idea that it is housing an actual Pokemon. Pokeballs are something children see all the time in the series and being given one, and then being told to figure out which Pokemon is inside will probably be enough to thrill you kids silly.

For each Pokeball you select there is a different difficulty level, meaning to say that the range of Pokemon gets wider and there will probably be a few you’ve never even heard of!


Choose 4 of the 8 research machines to gather clues about your Pokemon, write these down in your field notes and then decipher what Pokemon you’ve got. You can also excess the online Pokedex to view the entire list of Pokemon, should you be having trouble guessing!

You will also be able to go as many times as you want and try your hand at the different difficulty levels while testing all the various machines - the footprint collector, face magnifier and cry checker are just some of them.

To book your tickets head over to Resorts World Sentosa, we're sure you don't want to miss out!

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Written by

Sonia Pasupathy

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