Goofy new viral meme from Japan is hilarious and adorable

Goofy new viral meme from Japan is hilarious and adorable

The newest internet meme from Japan may be the most random thing ever but it's down right adorable! Find out what's got the internet going crazy!

Internet memes are about as random and indiscriminate as you can imagine. The trends and fads that gain popularity and notoriety on the internet are as sporadic and arbitrary as anything on the planet. One minute we're posting and sharing videos of Beyonce bouncing all around, the next we're "lol-ing" to Daniel and his white Vans.

There's simply no way to tell what memes will flop, and what will sell like hot cakes...or bread.

That's right. the newest internet fad includes bread...and no, I'm not talking about cat breading. The new trend involves a popular snack bread from Japan and the adorable, pinchable fat rolls on a baby's arm or leg. The point is to see just how similar the two look.

Sure, it sounds ridiculous but the comparisons and likeness of the two is uncanny! Check out some of these Instagram posts and tell me you can't agree:



What do you think, parents? The resemblance is uncanny, right!? 

I never thought I'd say, "dawwwwww" while simultaneously developing an appetite for perfectly baked bread. This meme is something special.

It probably won't be long until we see the meme gain more popularity and spread across the world. With adorable, chubby subjects like babies, can you really expect any less?

As I said, it's always intriguing to see what the internet will come up with next. I wonder what food parents will be comparing their adorable babies to next time around!

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