Eye care tips for good vision

Eye care tips for good vision

They say that the eyes are the windows to one's soul. Here are some eye care tips to keep your vision in the pinkest of health.

Our readers ask Dr Koh Liang Hwee, President of Singapore Optometric Association & Practising Optometrist in Pearl’s Optical Co Pte Ltd to answer some questions they have about our eye sight and eye care.

1. My girl is only 11 years old but her eye has a degree of 850. She doesn’t have the bad habits of reading on bed, playing computer games etc. What should I do to prevent from it to increasing? - Sin Ling

There are many contributing factors to myopia. One of it could be insufficient breaks when focusing on near work activities and a parental history of myopia.

Bring your child to an optometrist who may after examining the eyes, prescribe special ophthalmic lenses that corrects peripheral retinal hyperopic blur that can slow down the progression of myopia.  More outdoor activities may help too.

2. My husband has anterior uveitis. It strikes several times a year. Will this condition be passed down to my children? - Jacqueline Ng

It is not medically proven that anterior uveitis has a hereditary history. If your children begin to complain of vision difficulties, floaters and they being to develop redness of the conjunctiva, it is advisable to bring your children to see an ophthalmologist for an evaluation.

3. My boy's eye white is pretty yellowish and has white discharge when bedtime nears. We did a blood test and the PD did allude to poor respiratory & nasal sinus problems. What do you think? - Doris Tiong

Yellowish eyes could be a sign of jaundice.  Your pediatrician should rule this out.  If the child suffers from itchy eyes and with white discharge, it could be a sign of allergy conjunctivitis.  Bring your child to an ophthalmologist to rule it out.  A bit of whitish discharge with no other symptoms are usually normal.

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