Going bananas for my Yonanas!

Going bananas for my Yonanas!

Parents, the next time your kids ask for ice cream before bed, you don’t have to say, “No” and watch as their tiny faces scrunch up. With Yonanas, eating ice cream can be a daily affair!

Going bananas for my Yonanas!

Yonanas dessert-making machine

The brainchild of Eileen McHale, Yonanas is a DIY dessert making machine that makes a yummy creamy frozen dessert much like ice cream without the fat and calories.

Easy-peasy lemon squeezy

How the Yonanas machine works is that it uses frozen bananas as its base, which goes through the machine seamlessly and turns into a dessert with the consistency of soft serve ice cream.

Once you get the base done, you can go crazy with the combinations to create delicious flavours. Add other frozen fruits, chocolates or even corn flakes and cookies! The combinations are endless and only limited by your imagination and ingredients.


Easy, fun and yummy!

Going bananas for my Yonanas!

Mango ‘Martini’

This is the appeal of Yonanas, not only is it healthy and nutritious, it is also fun and something that can be turned into a family activity.

You can literally just throw whatever it is you have in the fridge or pantry into the Yonanas machine and the final product? An explosion of flavours to excite your taste buds!

Hidden nutrition

A plus point is that it helps your children get their daily intake of fruits and vegetables. This is especially useful for picky eaters who do not like their fruits and veggies.

Incorporating different fruits and even veggies into your Yonanas concoction will ensure that your kid licks up every mouthful of goodness that Yonanas offers without even knowing they are eating their veggies and fruits.

As a special treat, each Yonanas maker comes with a special recipe book that contains 44 great recipes! You can also find more recipes on their site that include fan submitted concoctions!

One Yonanas convert, Zarina Ali, 23, had this to say, “I couldn’t believe that all that was in the dessert was bananas and some fruits. It tasted so creamy, just like ice cream!”

The Yonanas maker retails at $100+ and will be available in select NTUC Stores including all NTUC Finest and NTUC Xtra stores starting today. Additionally, it will be available in select Best Denki stores starting 6 August 2012 and SunMoon (Chevron) starting 4 August 2012.

Here is a sample from the book that will impress both your fancy dinner guests or your fussy child!

Cookies and cream parfait with berries              


Going bananas for my Yonanas!

Ice cream bonbons


For the cookies and cream parfait start with the cookies & cream yonanas recipe. In a tall clear glass begin with a layer of strawberries, raspberries or blackberries. Add a layer of cookies & cream yonanas and repeat by alternating layers. Finish by garnishing with mint.


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Wafa Marican

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