Chinese girl reunites with her twin sister she had all forgotten about!

Chinese girl reunites with her twin sister she had all forgotten about!

Audrey and Gracie shared a womb, but grew up miles apart until fate brought them together. Read to know their story.

In a turn of events that takes place only in the movies, a Chinese girl was reunited with her twin sister. What is different here is that both the girls did not know that the other existed!

Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry lived ten years of their lives without knowing that they had a twin. They were separated at a very tender age when they were adopted by two different American families. The families were also not aware of the situation. So both of them grew up miles apart, Audrey in Wisconsin, and Gracie in Washington.

Both of them suffered from a congenital heart condition. The Doering and Rainsberry families adopted the girls separately using adoption agencies. So when the girls arrived in the USA, they did not have anything to remind them of their early few days in China. Both of them underwent heart surgeries soon after arriving to the new country.

In December, Audrey’s mother wanted to give her a Christmas gift. She wanted it to be related with Audrey’s time in China. So, with the help of a Chinese researcher, she came across the photo of Audrey with her foster mother. However, imagine her shock when there was not one, but two babies in that photo, and they were twins!

Chinese girl reunites with her twin sister she had all forgotten about!

Audrey’s mum was shocked to find out that her daughter had a twin! (Image source: Youtube)

Aurdey’s mum took to Facebook and managed to locate the Rainsberrys. Gracie’s mum was equally shocked on finding the truth out. Both of the kids were beyond overwhelmed. It was like talking to themselves on the video call!

The girls came face to face for the first time on Good Morning America. It was a touching moment when both of them hugged each other and burst into tears. They were lucky to have found each other out. A few surprising facts also came forth! Both of them wear similar spectacles and had a similar taste in food!

We hope that they end up growing together, just like they grew up sharing a womb.

Adoption, is it for you?

Both the families had children of their own. And yet, they decided to adopt these babies, despite knowing of their special needs. A gesture that gave two children a good future. Mums and dads, it is also in our power to do something similar. A couple may want to adopt a baby for various reasons. That said, you need to know if adoption is the right option for you.

Here are the things you should keep in mind before committing to adoption.

  1. It is an emotional commitment. During pregnancy, you ride an emotional roller coaster, aided by the hormones. When you adopt, though, the reactions of others might cause a similar experience. It is not easy, and it is not for everyone. That is probably why there are so many children without parents today. If you decide to adopt, be ready for an emotional journey that would last a long time.
  2. Understand the challenges. When you have a baby, you have months to prepare. If you are adopting, you might have more time. But the preparation is even more. Adopted babies often have developmental delays. You have to be extra patient with them. If the adoption is international, you may end up spending substantially for the process. Be prepared. Talk to someone who has undergone the process recently. You will get a better idea.
  3. The commitment is for life. There is going to be some emotional baggage that the child, however small, would be carrying. This needs to be dealt with care. At some point in time, the child would want to meet the biological parents. He would have a tough teenage, and you would be at the receiving end. You may have to listen to, ” you are not my real mum” many times. You cannot take it to heart. Many children run away from homes to find their real family. It is not easy. So be prepared to deal with this.
  4. Respect the baby’s origin. If you feel that you are rescuing the baby, don’t adopt. It is insulting to his past. Do it only if YOU need the baby.

If you are committed beyond doubt, there is nothing like it. You never know what joy a new child can bring to your family!

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