Girl kills her father after he beat her during a row over her schoolwork

Girl kills her father after he beat her during a row over her schoolwork

She stabbed her father after he started also beating her mother...

In a fit of rage, a young girl kills her father by repeatedly stabbing him. This happened after a fight broke out between them over her homework.

No, this is not a scene straight out of a horror movie, but an incident that recently took place in central China. 

The 15-year-old girl allegedly attacked her own father, after he beat her over poor grades. He then went on to to beat her mother when she intervened.  

According to local media reports, the teenager — who was regularly thrashed by her father for her poor academic performance — “lost control of her emotions” after the beating. She then decided to take matters into her own hands. 

Girls kills her father to defend mother

Reports suggest that the father regularly beat his daughter. As a teacher himself, he had high expectations from her, but she couldn’t live up to them. This time,  she was no longer willing to take her father’s abuse quietly.

How the girl kills her father

The tragedy took place when she returned from school and the two ended up having an argument over her performance in school. Unsatisfied with her response, the father began beating her. 

When the mother tried to intervene and stop the beating, he physically abused her as well. 

Outraged, the girl picked up a knife from the living room and ran towards the bedroom where her father was attacking her mother. He had her pinned onto the bed when the 15-year-old first struck her father’s head from behind. 

girl kills her father

Girl kills her father after he assaulted her and her mother. | Image courtesy: Pixabay

As soon as he realised what hit him, he turned around and the father-daughter duo assaulted each other. This was when the teenager allegedly stabbed him in his chest. 

She then called an ambulance. However, the 44-year-old man succumbed to his injuries and was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.  

Incidentally, it was not just the three of them in the house when the tragedy took place. The girl’s grandmother as well as her 40-day-old brother were also present at the time. Although the girl was arrested by the central police, relatives and friends suggest that she was the real victim. 

Girl kills her father, but is she the real victim?

Close relatives and friends told media that the girl was a fairly good student. But her father, who was a math teacher, was not satisfied with her performance. 

One relative even told NST that the girl was beaten for lagging behind in her studies last month (February) as well. And, in protest she ran away from home for three days. 

Li Lu, a former pupil of the deceased teacher told South China Morning Post (SCMP) that he was “easy going” and even invited his students to his home, which was located within the school campus. But Lu added that he was known to be violent against his family, especially his daughter. 

“I stayed at school on weekdays when I was in junior middle school. Because they lived at the school, too, I often saw him scolding and beating his daughter, or asking her to stand still as punishment,” she was quoted as telling SCMP

Further investigations into this incident where the girl kills her father will reveal more details. But for now, the fact is that this shocking incident highlights not just violent domestic abuse, but also the extreme academic stress kids are put under, and the consequences of this. 

As parents it is our responsibility to not place undue academic pressure on kids. Instead, we must work towards holistic personality development. 

5 ways to guide your kids in life
1. Let them choose independently

Your child’s opinions may differ from yours. This is a good juncture to have a constructive discussion. Be open to other opinions even if you do not agree.

Manvi Khurana, counseling psychologist,, India, advises, “Things can get difficult if one has to juggle with not just one but a number of priorities. Following the above tips can help improve the quality of life for you and in turn, the ones who surround you on a day-to-day basis. Always believe in your capacity for change.” 

2. Accept your child for who they are

Each child is unique and he/she might not want to take up the dreams/hobbies you have in mind for them.

“Firstly you need to let go and accept your child as he/she is. True acceptance is one of the most powerful and loving things a parent can give their child this includes being able to communicate both ways about the problems they are facing and reasonable expectations for appropriate behaviour,” says Khurana. 

3. Set clear expectations

Parents should be vigilant about enforcing family rules. Through these rules they can establish their authority and provide standards by which their children can judge their own competence and progress. 

This is true not just at home, but also academically. Set simple rules and allow them to process and work towards them.

4. Let them learn through trial and error 

Be empathetic towards your kid. Do not jump in and try fixing things. Instead, let them try to solve the “problem” first. For instance, if your child can tie his own laces, let him do it on his own.

5. Let them be independent 

Let your child be independent and allow them to feel discomfort or pain. It’s a part of growing up, and it teaches them to face hardships courageously.         

Parents should not try to get so involved in their children’s life so much so that they forget their own. 

Let your child take control of his life and learn from them. You can avoid worrying too much if you build a strong relationship with them and get to know who they really are.


Sources: NST, SCMP

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