Girl, 3, Falls To Her Death After Being Left Alone At Home

Girl, 3, Falls To Her Death After Being Left Alone At Home

The victim's post mortem is still ongoing. 

A man in Selangor, Malaysia, left his two daughters alone at home, not knowing it would be the last time he’d see one of them alive.

His three-year-old daughter was killed while her six-year-old sister was severely injured after the pair fell from a building on Tuesday (Jan 28), reported Bernama.

They were believed to have fallen from the fourth floor of a teacher’s dormitory, onto an open area of the quarters.

Girl, 3, Falls To Her Death After Being Left Alone At Home

Image: Polis Daerah Gombak

Their bodies were discovered by their mother when she returned home from work at 5.30 pm that day.

With the help of her neighbours, she immediately rushed her daughters to Selayang Hospital.

Girl falls to death, sister injured after being left alone at home

Unfortunately, the younger girl suffered from extensive injuries and was pronounced dead by doctors at around 6 pm, according to the Harian Metro.

The other girl suffered broken arms and legs


“Her six-year-old sister, who also fell but survived, is in a stable condition,” the district police chief said in a press conference on Wednesday (Jan 29). “We believe that she managed to survive her fall as she fell onto the grass as opposed to the deceased.”

Police are investigating

According to the police, there were no witnesses at the time of the incident. 

coping with parental stress

Preliminary examinations revealed that their mother had left the children in their father’s care before leaving for work. Although he was supposed to look after them, he stepped out for a while to pick up his third child from a nearby caretaker and left the two girls alone at home. 

Both parents, as well as their neighbours, will be brought in for questioning by the police. 

The victim’s post mortem is still ongoing. 

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