This little girl died in kindergarten and her heartbroken father seeks justice

This little girl died in kindergarten and her heartbroken father seeks justice

An adorable little girl tragically died in kindergarten, and her father's plea for justice will move you to tears...

We cannot imagine what these parents went through…sending their little princess to school one morning, not realising that that was the last time they would see her alive…

Little girl died in kindergarten

This incident happened in China, and is too tragic for words. 

According to the Mirror, 6-year-old Guo Jintong, a student at Huadian Experimental Kindergarten, was punished, because her teacher thought that she talked too much during her school’s morning stretches and aerobics. Her teacher Ju Chunwei, allegedly used glue and tape to seal the girl’s mouth shut.

died in kindergarten


While her mouth was gagged, it is said that little Jintong continued to jump with the rest of her class. However, teachers soon noticed that she was twitching and took her to the nurse. The nurse, realising that something was terribly wrong, called the ambulance. 

The girl was taken to hospital, but doctors failed to resuscitate her. She had been suffocated to death. A young life was lost forever.

The teacher has since been suspended, and officials are investigating the incident.

Heartbroken father seeks justice for daughter

And now, her daddy seeks justice for the cruelty meted out to his daughter. He has shared his plight on Weibo, and accused the teacher of murdering his little one. 

died in kindergarten


This distraught father has stated that local authorities have been trying to cover up the news, and that no one had offered him a convincing explanation for the tragedy. He has also claimed that by the time the ambulance had arrived, his daughter had already been dead for 30 minutes.

It is heartbreaking to see videos of the dad and mum, holding vigil, and sitting outside the kindergarten’s gate waiting for an answer from the school.

Our prayers lie with the sweet princess…we hope that justice gets served soon.

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(Source: Mirror, Weibo)

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