Girl, 12, sneaks out for sex nightly

Girl, 12, sneaks out for sex nightly

What if you find out your sweet, seemingly innocent 12-year-old daughter was sexually active behind your back? In this story, a young girl confessed to sneaking out to have sex with her boyfriend every night. Read more and find out how to stop your children from doing the same.

Girl, 12, sneaks out for sex nightly

Late night escapades

In Ranau, Sabah, the girl’s parents caught her returning home at 3am on Saturday ‘looking messy’. She had quietly left her house after thinking her parents had fallen asleep. When her father confronted her, she claimed that she spent the night at a friend’s house. It then transpired that their 12 year old sneaks out for sex.

When pressured further, she later confessed to having sex with her boyfriend. She had left the house at 11pm.

Worse still, her boyfriend was found out to be a 22 year old man who was soon after arrested by the authorities for statutory rape. The girl was sent to Ranau Hospital for a medical examination.

Sex and the young

Blame the media, today’s culture, even celebrities, the fact remains that the young are very much exposed to sex in society. The ages are constantly being pushed younger and stories involving girls similar to the one in this article have been cropping up more than usual.

It is thus up to parents to stop ignoring sex and regarding it as a taboo subject. Parents have to recognize that their children know about sex and are very curious about it.

Here are stop steps parents can take to discuss and teach their children about sex.

1.       Talk it out

Sex is taboo no more in our society. It is time parents have a sit down with their children, no matter how uncomfortable, and share their views on how and when sex should take place. By being open with it, parents give their children the opportunity to sate their curiosity instead of going to more unfavourable sources. Parents can also use the time to dish out their advice on such a subject.


2.       Observe your children

For many nights, the young girl in the article had been sneaking behind her parents’ backs to have sex with her boyfriend. In this case, her parents were oblivious to what their daughter was doing. To their credit, they eventually caught her and noticed her disheveled appearance. It is easy to overlook your children amidst your busy schedule. Parents should thus pay more attention to their children once in a while. Notice any changes in behavior and attire. These are important clues as to what could be really going on behind your back.

3.       Spend time with them

Family time is definitely important, especially when your children are at a young age. Let them understand what it means to be loved in a family. It is often in cases like these, that a child does not feel very loved at home and turns to other sources to feel wanted. In the article above, the 12 year old turned to her 22 year old boyfriend.

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Felicia Chin

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