Getting shoes that fit just ‘rite’

Getting shoes that fit just ‘rite’

Having a hard time choosing shoes in the right size for your little one? Here are some things you need to know about your kid’s growing feet, and a collection of stylish shoes for your little walker.

Choosing kids shoes

Tip for choosing kids shoes: Is your child wearing shoes in the right size?

Apart from keeping up with the needs of an active toddler and inquisitive child, the one thing that most parents struggle with is this: Buying comfortable shoes in the right size for their little ones.

How many times have you found yourself trying on a dozen of shoes for your child at the shoe store, only to find out later on that the perfect pair of shoes is either too big or hurt their feet after walking in it for a while? Now, if only there was a fool proof way to pick the right pair of shoes for your little ones.

While there’s no hard and fast guideline when it comes to choosing shoes with the right fit, here are some facts and tips on your little ones’ growing feet to keep in mind the next time you set off for some ‘sole shopping’ (courtesy of Stride Rite).

1. Babies’ feet do not have arches. Foot arches do not develop until around age 2, so your child’s shoes should not have arch support till then.

2. Kids’ feet grow fast. We’re looking at a half size growth every 3 months.

3. Bones are not fully formed in a child’s foot until age 5. While the foot is still developing, the cartilage (the connective tissue that lies between the bones) can be easily influenced by ill-fitting footwear.

4. Babies’ feet perspire more than adults. So, always look for breathable materials such as leather and mesh or shoes that come with anti-microbial linings.

5. The heel is the one bone in the foot that helps to balance your child’s entire body. So, do not underestimate the importance of the heel.

6. It is recommended to have your child’s feet measured and fitted with comfortable, breathable and flexible shoes every 3 to 4 months. Around 70% of foot problems start from wearing the wrong footwear or ill-fitting shoes as a child. Shoes that do not fit properly in childhood can contribute to poor foot development, which leads to bone, back and muscle problems later in life.

7. Flexibility and a soft, minimal outsole are key when it comes to kids’ footwear. These features are important for tots who are learning to walk, as they tend to grip the ground with their toes when the bones and muscle in their feet begin to develop.

8. Like our body, our feet continue to grow right up to the late teen years. So, the tenth pair of shoes you buy for your child is just as important as the first pair.

Heading in the right S.T.E.P

So, now that you know more about your little ones’ growing feet, let’s move on to the fun part – shopping for the perfect pair of shoes! But with so many footwear choices for your little ones out there, the question is how to choose the best ones out there?

choosing kids shoes

Need help in choosing kids shoes? Get the right fit with Stride Rite!

While I was looking out for some cute shoes to get for my toddler the other day, I was attracted by the Disney Baby collection from Stride Rite. One of the leading brands for kids’ footwear that’s based in the U.S, I love how Stride Rite has come up with a simple sizing system for their shoes which makes it so easy for mums and dads to choose the ‘rite’ fit for their kids’ growing feet. Basically, the S.T.E.P™ system (which stands for Scientifically Tested, Everyday Proven) categorises the shoe designs according to each stage of a child’s development – from the pre-walking and early walking toddler stages right up to the off and running phase of an active child.

Step 1: Pre-walker

choosing kids shoes

Do you know what to look out for when choosing kids shoes? Start with Stride Rite Step 1: Comfy shoes for your little crawlers…

Step 1 shoes give your tiny crawlers the flexibility to move with added protection at the heel and toe. These cute, easy-on designs take your baby through the crawling and pulling-up stages in style.

Step 2: Early walker

choosing kids shoes

Let your little ones cruise ahead with Step 2 shoes.

Your little one is now ready to put his crawling days behind and move forward to the cruising stage. Stride Rite’s Step 2 shoes come with the Sensory Response Technology (SRT) Soft Motion™ patented construction to help protect his little feet without restricting movement during the cruising phase. The unique shape of the shoes is designed to mimic and contour the natural shape of the foot, while the lightweight, ultra-flexible outsole and rounded edges help his little feet feel the ground beneath.

Step 3: Off and running

choosing kids shoes

Choosing kids shoes get easier as their feet grow. Check out the easy slip on sandals for your active little ones from Stride Rite.

Once your little one gets the hang of walking and running, it’s time to move on to Step 3 shoes. The SRT patented construction that is built in the shoes is designed to support developing bones and muscles as your little ones run, skip and jump from one place to another. The shoes also come with a lightweight, flexible outsole with rounded edges which help to protect him from stumbling and falling while promoting natural foot movement. Step 3 shoes are the perfect fit for your active little ones.

Stride to the nearest store!

choosing kids shoes

Check out the amazing shoe collection at these Stride Rite stores!

To check out Stride Rite’s amazing shoe collection, simply head down to any of their stores at the following locations:

– #05-K9 Paragon

– #03-25 Forum The Shopping Mall

– #B1-62 United Square

– Babies “R” Us, City Square Mall Basement 2

– #02-46/47 IMM (Outlet store)

We hope that you have found the facts and tips on your little ones’ growing feet useful. If you’d like to know more about the Stride Rite footwear collection for kids, do log on to or ‘Like’ their Facebook page to stay updated on the latest collections and offers.

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