The magical book that promises to get your child to sleep in minutes

The magical book that promises to get your child to sleep in minutes

Find out more about this revolutionary book that's coming to the rescue of desperate parents around the world at bedtime...

get your child to sleep

Mums, wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could get your child to sleep in a matter of minutes?

“Mummy, I need a glass of water.” “Pleeeease mum, can I watch TV for five more minutes?” “I need to pee!”

Are these just a few of the million excuses your little one gives you at bed-time to stay awake for just a little bit longer? At times like this, mums and dads sure could do with a magic spell to get their wide-eyed darlings to sleep in a flash.

Parents – hold your breath – your wish has been granted and your magic sleep-inducing spell comes to you in the form of a very special book!

Don’t be misled by the sweetly innocent name of this book: The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep. This publishing phenomenon, which, according to reports is topping the Amazon charts, promises to get your child to sleep in just a few minutes!

The magician behind this 26-page self-published masterpiece is Swedish behavioural psychologist, linguist and dad Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin.

This wondrous tome of hope for sleep-strapped parents reportedly uses psychological and positive reinforcement techniques to help kids relax, focus and fall asleep along with the rabbit star of the story.

Here’s how it works. Parents, while reading the book, are instructed to yawn frequently, emphasise certain words and speak in a slow, calm voice when reading italicised words.

Children meanwhile, should listen rather than read, even though the book has pictures. These techniques “help the child to focus and makes them a part of the story so that they fall asleep along with the rabbit.”

get your child to sleep

Get your child to sleep in a flash with the help of “The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep”

Revolutionising bedtime

These are just two of the hundreds of glowing reviews on

“My little boy doesn’t like falling asleep in his own bed and bedtime can get frustrating and a rather long process! Bought this for the iPad on a whim and have just read it to him in bed. I am amazed, not even 5 minutes spent reading and he was in a deep sleep! I hadn’t even got half way through it. This book is going to become a regular part of our bedtime routine.” (Happy Parent)

“Read this book to my Grandson and when I had finished he turned around and fell into a deep sleep! I read it to my other 2 Grandchildren on a sleepover and they fell asleep halfway through! Brilliant” (Happy Grandparent)

With characters like Uncle Yawn and the Heavy-Eyed Owl, author Forssen Ehrlin says of his book that it is “the verbal equivalent of rocking a baby to sleep”.

Get your child to sleep using this book

He explains that he transferred ideas and techniques from other books he had written about leadership and personal development to this sleep-inducing best-seller. It took him over three years after he initially got the idea “to come up with the perfect story so that all the techniques were used in the correct order.”

Reports say that Forssen Ehrlin even played recordings of the book to his own son, Leon, while he was still in the womb. Leon now listens to the audio book at bedtime to help him fall asleep.

The book is also available in seven languages and Forssen Ehrlin now wants to write a follow up book which will help kids learn how to use the toilet.

Parents, if you too want to have magical bedtimes with your little ones from now on, download the FREE e-book of The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep today by clicking this link.

You could also get it on Apple itunes here for US$6.95, or on here.

And if you are a sleep-deprived mum — we understand how you feel and dedicate this open letter especially to you. Hopefully, with the help of The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep, you’ll be able to get some sleep tonight!

If you download the free e-book of “The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep”, tell us if it works to get your child to sleep fast, by posting a comment below. 

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