Get farm fresh blooms today from A Better Florist!

Get farm fresh blooms today from A Better Florist!

3 lucky winners stand a chance to win a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers from A Better Florist! Read on as Blogger Danessa Foo writes about her experience buying flowers online for her loved ones.

Buying flowers online lets you treat a loved one or corporate friend to something beautiful for special occasions or just because. Unlike other presents, buying special gift is a snap with online flower delivery services.

With just a click of the mouse, your splendid bouquet is on its way to cheer someone up and let your recipient know you care. Perhaps the hardest part is actually making a selection from the abundance of online flowers.

Many online floral delivery companies offer same day-service, which is a real boon for many consumers. It is typical for very short-notice flower deliveries to depend on the time you place the order and might cost more for the expedited efforts and the shipping costs.

You might also have a somewhat more limited selection of bouquets if you are ordering flowers to be delivered very quickly.

A Better Florist provides farm fresh blooms, offers free same-day delivery with no GST. Perhaps one of the most significant features of an online flower service is variety and they have a wide variety to choose from!


A Better Florist sources their fresh flowers directly from farms in the Cameron Highlands to offer the freshest blooms at an affordable price. A professional florist stunningly designs each bouquet.

What’s more, you get to decide whether you want to gift a classic original size of 12 stems or double the blooms with a deluxe set with 24 mixed stems.


I love how personal the service is at A Better Florist. When I told Steve that I would like a bunch of sunflowers for my daughter’s graduation concert, he customised and tailored the bouquet to fit her small hands. Doesn’t she look lovely with her grandmother?


I simply adore their bespoke presentation boxes that reflect the beauty of the flowers inside, whilst still protecting every petal. A Better Florist sends its floral arrangements in a box, with plastic floral water tubes with rubber caps at the bottom of the stems.

Read on to find out more about how you can win a gorgeous bouquet, hand delivered by A Better Florist!


This helps to keep the blossoms fresh. That’s what I chose when I send a deluxe set of Marilyn to my best friend and I knew she would want to arrange the flowers herself.

Flowers in a Box

One thing to be aware of should you opt for a service that sends cut flowers, is that it takes a couple of days for the buds to unfurl into blossoms. I opted for a bundle of cut flowers to be delivered to my home.


Since the flowers are loosely gathered, I find it easier to indulge in my hobby in floral arrangement and beautify my living room. A Better Florist guarantees a replacement in the same day if you’re not 100% loving your bouquet. If you care for your flowers properly, they can stay in full bloom for 7 days.

Here are some tips you can find on A Better Florist website on flower care:

It’s best to place those flowers in your favourite vase with some fresh water and flower food.

If you decide to give that dusty vase that you pulled out from under the sink a wash, make sure to rinse it well to get rid of any soapy residue because flowers hate soap.

Always cut your flowers at an angle so they won't suffocate on the bottom of the vase. Every couple of days, check the bottom of your stems. Snip an inch off if the ends are slimy.


Take off any excess leaves so that all the energy is funnelled into the petals. Pay special attention to leaves that are in the water as they'll decompose and shorten the lifespan of your flowers.

Mist the petals from time to time to keep them extra fresh and jazzy, and remove any that are clearly past their prime.

Keep your bouquet in a cool area as much as you can.

However, if you want to send a pre-arranged bouquet, you can still do that. Send flowers using A Better Florist now and make your loved ones happy.

Readers, we have something special in store just for you!

3 lucky winners stand a chance to win a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers to spruce up your home or to send to someone special. Simply enter your details below, along with an answer to the question!



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