Singapore kids would love to bring their 'toy-friend' home this Christmas!

Singapore kids would love to bring their 'toy-friend' home this Christmas!

Wondering what toy to get your kids this Christmas? Check out the FURBY CONNECT!

Guess what, there's a new addition to the ultra-cute FURBY series from Hasbro- the FURBY CONNECT. This new furry 'toy-friend' is a lot more interactive and tech savvy, and much in tune with the kids of today. We got to try it, and here's what we found out!


It goes without saying that the FURBY CONNECT is super soft and furry. Ours is blue, has two movable bunny-like ears and two biggie eyes, which can display over 150 colourful animations.

There's an antenna on top of his head which lights up to signal that new content has arrived in the app’s theatre. More on the app coming up!

There's also a sleep mask which you can put on his eyes, when it's time to rest after a long day of play.



This little fellow uses Bluetooth® technology to interact with kids, through entertaining video clips, catchy songs and phrases.

The FURBY CONNECT reacts intuitively to sound and touch, speaking more than 1,000 phrases and also expressing his moods through more than a hundred unique, colourful animations displayed in it's full colour LCD screen eyes.

So, don't be surprised to see him laugh like a baby when tickled, and compliment you on being "warm and soft" when hugged!

He also speaks a bit of FURBiSH. "Oo-nye" means "you" and "wee-tee" means "sing"; he comes with a FURBISH dictionary, so fret not.


Also, we realised that he was too-hungry-too-often and frequently asking for 'syrupy pancakes'. Kids will love feeding him by putting their finger into his mouth and pressing his 'tongue'.

When it's sleeping time, tuck him to sleep with the sleep mask on. Come play time, get the sleep mask off, pull his tail or move the antenna.


To enjoy the full range of features that the FURBY CONNECT offers, you must download the FURBY CONNECT app.

  • Using the app, kids can choose a name for their FURBY.
  • This little guy comes with his own needs, so use the app to clean him up or take him to the toilet.
  • The FURBY CONNECT can also 'lay' virtual eggs which hatch into little "FURBLINGS"! Kids will have a great time rounding up the FURBLINGS and 'taking care' of them.
  • This little ball of cuteness also loves his music and dance! Use the app to 'connect' him to the movie theatre and catch him sing and dance along to hits like "Confident" and "Cheerleader".

Some cons

  • The FURBY CONNECT seems to run out of battery charge too soon. Expect him to be forever sleepy and act weird when the battery is running out.
  • For all his interactivity and cuteness, don't expect too much of logic in his responses to your questions.


Price and availability

FURBY CONNECT in Singapore is retailing at $249.90 and available at Toys “R” Us and major department stores.

To learn more about the FURBY brand, visit or connect with FURBY at and

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