Funny video shows the weird ways parents try to get their baby to sleep

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Parents will do just about anything to get their babies to sleep! Check out these hilariously weird techniques!

Getting babies to sleep. Such a topic and chore has led to many parents pulling out their hair. It’s just too difficult to get babies to fall asleep!

Sure, it’d be great if babies could make a hot cup of chamomile tea and doze off while reading a Mitch Albom novel. Maybe if babies could drift away into a deep slumber by watching the evening news, parents everywhere would be well rested and stress free.

Unfortunately, we live in the real world and the sad fact is that parents have tried just about everything to try to get their babies to sleep. Some techniques are a little more pragmatic than others, but if puts baby to sleep—no doubt that you’ll be doing it again.

Recently, BuzzFeed Video posted a sidesplittingly funny video that chronicles the weird strategies that new parents implement in an effort to get their baby to sleep. Is it accurate? Can you relate? Check it out and let us know:

Maybe it's because we're making eye contact

These parents cant figure out why their baby won't sleep: "Maybe it's because we made eye contact?"


These restless parents will do just about anything to get their kid to bed. Even if they have to clean up their act.

You can watch the entire hysterical video below:

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