Funny chef makes ordinary kid's snacks look like fine dining dishes

Funny chef makes ordinary kid's snacks look like fine dining dishes

Looking to give your kids a fancy snack experience? Take your cue from this quirky chef who manages to turn simple dishes into fine dining creations

You don't have to have fancy ingredients to have a fancy dining experience. Just look at this clever chef who's been wowing her followers on Instagram (while cracking them up) as she shares her creative culinary creations.

Initially hiding behind a funny fictional persona, she soon revealed herself to be Toronto-based chef Christine Flynn in January 2016.

"Doritos are my muse," she jokingly told Toronto Now. It seems like elevating junk food to culinary sensation status is just the right recipe to becoming Instagram famous.

Her 128,000 followers just can't wait to see what she whips up next in the culinary--and comedy--department!

Make your kids' snack time a bit more fun with these perfectly plated dishes!

Spongebob Squarepants "zoodles", anyone?


A photo posted by @chefjacqueslamerde on

Filet Mignon? Nah, it's a pop tart!


A photo posted by @chefjacqueslamerde on

More of Christine's quirky creations on the next page!

Want to have snacks professionally plated? All you need is mustard, miracle whip, and cold cuts!


A photo posted by @chefjacqueslamerde on

Crush up some doritos and taco shells and you're good to go!


A photo posted by @chefjacqueslamerde on

This tasty-looking treat is made up of an ice cream cone, butterscotch, graham crackers, and yellow fruit loops!


A photo posted by @chefjacqueslamerde on

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