This couple announces pregnancy in the funniest way possible

This couple announces pregnancy in the funniest way possible

A phone call or Facebook post seemed a little plain for this couple. They said no to vanilla, and yes to Vanilla Ice!

In the good old days, a simple telephone call would suffice when announcing to your friends and family that you are expecting. Oh, how the times have changed...

Recently, the Romero family announced in possibly the funniest (and coolest) way that they are now soon-to-be parents: a music video.

Sung to the tune of "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice, the couple rewrote and remastered the song to feature a chorus that now says: "Our First Baby". Genius.

They didn't stop at the chorus either. The darling couple wrote creative and hilarious verses and soon-to-be daddy, Glenn, happily rapped them in front of the camera. All of which can be seen in their cheesy, yet awesome, music video that was published to their YouTube page.

Here are some of the ridiculously funny highlights from the proud couple's music video:


Here we see newly deemed father, Glenn Romero, driving around and freestyling. One can safely assume that his beloved car will soon be traded in for a minivan! Stay fly, pops.


babies r us

Daddy seems content to leave behind his days at the bars and the clubs. Instead he's trading it all in for baby stores and toy stores. Congratulations, Dad!



Okay, so the Romeros are a bit cheesy but at least they're enthusiastic about becoming parents! Hopefully, their kid will watch this video one day and laugh with them and not at them!

The Romeros expect their baby (and their album) to drop on August 17, 2016. Hopefully, the couple will be sure to post more internet gold in the future. Who knows, they may even incorporate their newest addition!

Watch the entire witty and hilarious music video below:


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