Your friendly guide to shopping for gifts for kids these holidays!

Your friendly guide to shopping for gifts for kids these holidays!

Having trouble finding gifts for kids? Read our handy guide on buying gifts for kids this holiday season for some ideas!

See, the thing about finding gifts for adults is that you can always put yourself into their shoes, and imagine what they might like. When it comes to finding gifts for kids, though, it might be a little tricky going down 6 sizes!

So we’ve gone ahead and compiled for you a list of cool, fun and educational gifts for those shopping days when all you can think of is “let’s just get them another teddy bear”.

A Toy Story

Only item on your child’s wish list a pet, but can’t quite handle one right now? Toy stores have long sold animated pet toys…but why not do a one-up and get your child their very own pet dinosaur?  The remote-controlled dino also responds to touch and commands, so your little one will have an epic pet of their own to train and play with. Watch out though – it is, after all, a prehistoric beast, so try not to make it angry!

Suitable for: Kids ages 3+

When it comes to toys, though, we’re secretly a little bit selfish. Which is why we are HUGE fans of YayLabs’ Ice Cream Balls – a beautiful two-in-one where kids get to, well, have a ball with the futuristic-looking devices, and you end up with freshly-made ice cream. How is that for a Christmas miracle?

Suitable for: Due to the weight of the ball (3kg or 5kg, depending on quantity of ice cream), children should use under adult supervision


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Something a little more educational?

gifts for kids

Book set featuring Sponky the Chihuahua!

The popular Melbourne-based children’s cartoon series Sponky now has an educational gift package for children all over the world to enjoy. The books follow the adventures of Sponky the Chihuahua with fun illustrations and activities and a little plush toy for kids to interact and learn with.

And what better to inculcate a love for reading, than the thrill of seeing themselves become the hero of their favourite storybook? I See Me storybooks weave in little details about the receiver into tales that become uniquely their own. Singapore-based ABC Me has a similar concept, but these books spell out the name of the owner using fun little tales.

Suitable for: Children aged 3 and up


Hey – educational doesn’t mean it’s got to be books! Da Vinci Group just released the new KlayKit , a hands-on DIY crafts project that the little ones and their parents can get messy with together.

Suitable for: Children ages 18 months+

Ever walked into a room and thought you walked in on a murder scene, only to realise the red gashes all over the furniture, floor and face was your toddler going at it with your lipstick?  This pretend play makeup just might be the perfect gift for your aspiring “beauty bloggers” (and their parents chasing them with a soapy sponge)!

Okay, educational is great and all, but sometimes you just want to buy something adorable for your daughter, godchild or niece. They’ll likely get a thousand outfits from family and friends…but how about shoes? Melissa has come up with a Mini Melissa range so you and your favourite little girl can strut your way to the Christmas parties in matching kicks.

Suitable for: Children ages 1 to 9 years old

gifts for kids

A few styles from the Mini Melissa collection!

The practical solutions

And when it comes to adorable, there isn’t quite anything like style meeting function. Itsy Bitsy features a new collaboration with designer Tokidoki to come up with a new range of Chewable Jewellery for baby.

Suitable for: Children 12 months+

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Speaking of functional, we absolutely love this no-spill, 360°-access sorcery that is a night light and sippy cup all packaged into one. Never worry about your kid spilling water in the night again! (PS: works just as well for mums and dads, so you might as well own one yourself too!)

Suitable for: Children (and adults!) aged 24 months+

gifts for kids

Customised bathrobes and toy box from Gifts Less Ordinary

And when all else fails, there is nothing quite like a customised gift for the little ones. Gifts Less Ordinary has a spectacular range of gifts and accessories ranging from the practical to the fun housed the holiday collection, “Shop like a Royal”. We can’t stop squealing over these adorable, personalised bathrobes – and we can guarantee you know a couple of tots who are going to need this stunning wooden toy chest to keep all their new toys in!

Sigh, the wonders of childhood. We don’t blame you for getting nostalgic just looking through this list! But the best part is, gifts for kids are pretty much indirect gifts for mums and dads too. We hope you’re excited for Christmas!

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Nasreen Majid

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