Angry, frustrated and forever worried? Here are some tips

Angry, frustrated and forever worried? Here are some tips

Do you find yourself angry, stressed and worried too often? Meditation might just be the answer to your problems.

Do you often feel stressed as a parent? Or feel like you have tons of work to do but are unable to focus on anything? Are the kids getting frustrated too soon as well? Well, meditation might just be the solution.

For thousands of years, people have used meditation to move beyond the worry of the past and anxiety of the future, into the clarity that the present offers. Because, that's what truly matters; past is history and the future remains a mystery. But today is a gift, and that's probably why it's called the present.

Meditation guru Sriman Japadas

When it was time to ask questions about meditation practices, Sriman Japadas was one the first names that cropped up. His is a unique story. From a taekwondo instructor for many years to a wealthy businessman, he, along with his partner, founded one of the most successful network marketing companies in the world.

He is also known among his circle as a staunch advocate of vegetarianism, yoga and meditation, and so it is perhaps unsurprising that he launched the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga (SSMY).

The SSMY facility serves as a locus of peace and tranquillity for members and guests who come to practice. Here, Sriman Japadas conducts free mantra meditation classes, and occasionally imparts teachings on the ancient wisdom behind yoga and meditation –the science of identity, karma, reincarnation, the goal of human life, solutions to the problems of birth, disease, old age and death, and where real happiness is to be found.

Let's check out what Sriman has to say about meditation and its benefits.


1. How is meditation beneficial to parents?

I would recommend meditation for everyone, simply because meditation offers countless benefits to the body, soul and mind - from stress relief and stronger mind-body connection to improved focus, keener self-awareness and better relationships.

 Parenthood can be a demanding and exhausting affair, especially for parents who are new to it. When your time and effort are fixated on your children, you often have very little time left to focus on yourself. With meditation,  parents get enjoy some quiet time to reconnect with who they are, and to relieve their daily stresses – be it about work or family.   

2. Can kids be taught how to meditate? How does it help them? 

 Meditation is for everyone, so kids can definitely meditate too. A recent article by that’s being going around, showed the incredible impact when students at Robert W. Coleman Elementary School got rid of detention, and replaced it by encouraging misbehaving kids to sit in a Mindful Moment Room and meditate; to help calm them down and re-center their focus.

Since the introduction of meditation for their students, there have been zero suspensions for the year.

This example highlights that meditation can in fact help kids, especially with regard to behavioural problems. Furthermore, it can help kids to concentrate and focus better in their daily lives and activities.

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3. Our days have become so hectic, and we hardly have time to talk to each other. How then can people make time to meditate?

If you see the benefits of meditation and make it a priority in your life, you will always find a way to make time in your schedule to practice. It doesn’t need to be for an hour; just a few minutes of your time a day will make a difference.  

4. Please give us 3 tips to get into the right frame of mind to meditate.

  • Set up a peaceful spot at home and commit yourself to a daily practice. Early morning is the most ideal time to meditate, just before you get swamped with home, office and/or business responsibilities.
  • Focus on your breathing. Take long deep breaths and feel your lungs expand as you take in air and contract as you release. Do it several times until you feel yourself slowly relax.
  • Let go of all your anger, frustrations and worries. Notice that you will encounter a lot of thoughts as you meditate, but don’t try to control these thoughts. Let them float on by and keep your focus on your breathing.

5. What extra facilities can people expect in SSMY’s new studio?

A step into SSMY's new contemporary yoga studio, and you’ll be greeted by a spa-like ambience.

Our facility boasts three studios which can accommodate a total of 90 people, and also a meditation room where we conduct our mindless meditation and yoga kirtan classes absolutely free to the public.

After their workout, patrons can enjoy our state-of-the-art shower facilities replete with vanity mirrors, hairdryers, fresh towels and a range of special body products free for use.  


Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga (SSMY)

On November 8, the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga (SSMY) officially launched their new studio at Regency House offering not only a wide range of yoga classes, but also free meditation classes for all! SSMY is the first to provide free meditation in Singapore, to all members of the public, as a means to help grow the practice locally, complementing the growing yoga movement here. 

Here are some details:

Yoga Classes Available

  • Hatha  & Hot Hatha
  • Flow & Hot Flow
  • Yin Yoga
  • Aroma Yoga
  • Up Side Down
  • Sun Salutation
  • Hot Classic (90 mins)
  • Hot Fast Track
  • Hot Cardio

How to register for classes:

  1. Visit SSMY’s website at
  2. Click ‘SIGN UP’ to create an account
  3. Once done, click on ‘YOGA CLASSES’ to view the yoga classes available for the week
  4. Click SignUp next to your desired time and class

Free Meditation In Singapore Classes :

  • Mantra Meditation
  • Kirtan Meditation

How to register for classes:

Currently, SSMY’s meditation classes do not follow a strict schedule; however, interested parties can follow SSMY on Facebook  to get timely updates on their upcoming meditation classes.

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