The basics of foster care in Singapore

The basics of foster care in Singapore

Ever thought about becoming a foster parent? Here is what you need to know about foster care in Singapore.

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Foster care is a care arrangement for a child in need. A child on the Fostering Scheme keeps his or her own identity (e.g. own name) and continues to be the legal child of his or her natural parents. It’s different from adoption as adoption is a legal process where an adopted child takes on all the rights of a natural child of the family. The family assumes the same responsibilities as they would for their own children.

Why are kids placed under foster care in Singapore?

Sometimes kids are placed under foster care because:

1)      They have been abandoned

2)      They have been ill treated by family members

3)      Their parents are unable to care for them

Who can apply to be a foster parent?

1)      Singapore residents

2)      Preferably married

3)      Aged above 25

4)      Must be medically fit to care for kids

5)      Have at least secondary school education

6)      Have a minimum monthly allowance of $2,000

Applicants who do not fall into the above will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Can I choose my foster child?

Not exactly. But you can discuss with the Child Protection and Welfare Officer the age and sex of the children whom you feel you can best help. Kids are from newborn till 18 years of age.

Foster care in Singapore

What kind of care do foster kids need?

Their needs are like other kids. They need shelter, love, food, education and the opportunity to play and interact with other kids. Foster parents need to be committed to make sure their kids' needs are met.

Is fostering a short-term care arrangement?

The Fostering Scheme is intended to be a short-term arrangement, to meet emergency child care needs. However, it may become a long-term arrangement if the parents / guardians are unable to work out suitable care arrangement for their children.

What kind of support is available to foster parents?

Advice through home visits, telephone help and training will be provided to foster parents. Foster parents also have access to a 24 hour emergency line. In addition they will receive a monthly allowance from between $600-800 to cover the child's need for:




School fees

How can I be a foster Parent?

If you are interested in finding out more about the Fostering Scheme:

Call MCYS at 6354 8799 or visit their website

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