Flu-proof your kids

Flu-proof your kids

Kids are very much prone to getting the flu virus, especially now that they're back in school. Experts say that there many ways to flu-proof kids. Here's how parents can help...


Shield your child from the bug Shield your child from the bug

Flu is so easy to transmit as it works like an aerosol. When someone sneezes, droplets fly out of the nose and mouth, and these droplets can enter your the respiratory system via flu receptors in the mouth, nose and eyes. Your kids don't even have to be near a sneezer to catch the virus as droplets can travel as far as 10 metres. Experts say that face masks don't really help as they're not really effective in warding off the virus. One big problem is that the virus can stay on various surfaces for up to two days.

So the best way to prevent your kids from getting the flu virus is to teach them to wash their hands often. You should also make sure that they eat a healthy diet to boost their defense system. Let them eat lots of fruits and vegetables as these are rich in nutrients that are natural flu defenders. Also, make sure that they get enough sleep daily to strengthen their immune system.


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