Fiona Xie is Pregnant?

Fiona Xie is Pregnant?

Is Fiona Xie Pregnant? An article in suggests that she may very well be.

Is Fiona Xie Pregnant? An article in suggests that Fiona could very well be pregnant. The sizzling hot 27-year-old starlet surprised co-actors and media at the lensing ceremony of MediaCorp's blockbuster Together, when Fiona announced that she has pulled out of the drama because of "personal reasons".

We can't help but wonder if the "personal reasons" meant getting pregnant by her allegedly based in Hong Kong boyfriend.

Fiona was to play the role of Huang Jing Hao, a beautiful and sexy vixen, in the upcoming show Together. Blogger Paul Chan wrote on his blog BAGUATV, "This is the favorite role of our dear writer Ang Eng Tee (who wrote ”The Little Nyonya’). It is one of those roles that will leave a strong impression and probably get the artiste a nomination for Best Actress in Star Awards 2010 (if played well). It is a difficult and challenging role as the actress must be able to win over the audience’s sympathy at the end and not end up becoming a subject of much hatred."

Her replacement for the show is Eelyn Kok, who was formerly nominated twice at Star Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

While the real reason of Fiona Xie's withdrawal has not been divulged, several speculations have arisen. Some say that she was worried about the negativity of her character, others believe that Xie, who has always prioritized romances, is pregnant and that's why has to leave showbiz.

Whatever the reason is, we wish Fiona the best, and if she is pregnant, we hope she'll share the news with all of us, her ardent fans!

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