Fight baby flab the Pure Fitness way!

Fight baby flab the Pure Fitness way!

Win a chance to get your post-baby body back on track and feel gorgeous again. Pure Fitness is giving away prizes to three lucky women!

Congratulations on the new addition to the family! With your new baby, it can be a challenge juggling a packed schedule and sometimes exercise does take a back seat, doesn’t it?

The daily grind can be exhausting but remember, squeezing in that extra bit of exercise within your day is crucial for your own health and providing yourself with the most important gift – time for yourself.

“For new mothers, it is important to start exercising a month after child delivery or when the body fully recuperates. Once your body is ready for exercise, it is best to do so three times a week to rid of the excess fats in the tummy, hips and thighs. Set fitness goals and a suitable schedule for yourself so that you will be constantly motivated to achieve your goal,” says Ben Salter, Fitness Manager of Pure Fitness Singapore.

Get your figure back with Pure Fitness Singapore

Getting back that firm figure and flat tummy is easier now with Pure Fitness’ newest club at Asia Square Tower (AST) opening in December. Nestled in the picturesque Marina Bay area, the new club offers premium gym equipment and PTA Global certified personal trainers, who will assess your fitness needs and be part of your journey to a fit body and soul.

It also boasts features such as an endless swimming pool, various zones with advanced equipment for cardio, strength, power and athletic training and a Mixed Martial Arts-style boxing cage, offering you new and varied ways to ensure that your path to fitness is far from boring.

Work out with unrestricted views of the South China Sea while giving yourself a welcomed and deserving break. Like the first Pure Fitness club in Knightsbridge, Orchard, Pure Fitness at Asia Square also comes complete with a stylish lounge for you to unwind and rest with complimentary access to iMacs, Wi-Fi and drinks.  Workout wear is provided for as well right down to socks so all you need are a pair of trainers.

With spacious group fitness studios and a schedule packed with high-energy classes such as ViPR, BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP, you will be spoilt for choice. Plus with the introduction of 30-minutes Express Classes, you will have no excuse not to work out as the instructors bring you through a highly-efficient, calorie-burning mid-afternoon workout.

Still no time to head out to the gym? Here are some tips for you to kick-start your way to becoming a yummy mummy:

Exercise with your child at home

To fight the tummy flab and achieve dynamic stability, here are three basic postpartum conditioning exercises that you to do at home. You can even include your baby in some of your exercises! Start slow and with low repetitions, and slowly increase as your confidence and stamina grows with repetitions of 8, 12 or 15 counts.

Wall Baby Seater – Great to tone the thighs, tummy and arms

  • Lean back against the wall with feet shoulder width apart and a comfortable distance away from the wall (your knees should be bent)
  • Carry your baby in front of you maintaining 90 degrees at your elbows and knees, hold for 8 counts
  • Repeat 3 sets

Baby Hip Bridge – Excellent to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and tightening your glute muscles

  • Lie flat on your back with your knees bent, feet remaining on the floor
  • Place your baby on your tummy (ensuring that he/she is strong enough to sit up), hold your child steady and proceed to raise your pelvis up slowly
  • With your head, neck and feet still on the floor, stop when your thighs, hips and torso are in one straight line at an angle to the floor.
  • Remain in this position for 8 counts and slowly release
  • Repeat 3 sets

Plank – *This is a must-do for mothers who are keen to see a trim tummy again

  • Lie chest-down on the floor or a fitness mat
  • Lift your body up to form a straight plank with elbows, forearms and toes on the floor (imagine your neck, back hips and legs being placed against a plank)
  • Remain in that position (be careful not to drop your hips or to lift it too high) for at least 30 seconds to start with, slowly increasing your time to one minute per cycle
  • Repeat 3 sets

You can now win a chance to gain exclusive access to Pure Fitness for an entire month! All you have to do is click here and answer one simple question.

Remember, while we all want to get back into shape, do consult your doctor post-pregnancy before attempting any exercise.

For more information or an appointment, please call us at (65) 6100 3813 (Pure Fitness Knightsbridge) or (65) 6100 2233 (Pure Fitness Asia Square). Visit our website .

You can also connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts on Facebook at

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