Fertility advice for men

Fertility advice for men

Are you and your spouse planning for a baby? Congratulations! Keep yourself updated with important fertility advice for men.

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Fill up on the top 10 most vital fertility advice for men. If all else fails, then it may be time to pay your doc a visit.

1. BMI - Maintain a healthy BMI of 20-25. Lower or higher BMI's are associated with reduced sperms

2. Diet - Include Zinc, folates, and Vitamin C in your diet. Add some antioxidants in your diet as well. Keep drinking coffee, but cut back on alcohol.

3. Relax - Stress affects your fertility, so sit back and chill out!

4. Medicines - Certain medicines affect fertility. Chemo and Xrays as well. So please check in with your doctor

5. Aggressive sports - If you play contact sport, wear protective gear. Injury to your genitals will impair your ability to produce sperm.

6. Smoking - smoking damages the quality and quantity of your sperm - so yet another reason to stop!

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7. Stay away from heat - the boys are happiest at 34-36 degrees - which is lower than your own body temperature. So avoid hot environments, or using your laptop on your lap or jacuzzi's/steam baths.

8. Avoid cycling - Research has indicated that impotence can be a real side effect from cycling for more than 3 hours per week.

9. Beware of toxic chemicals - Be it at your work place(metal works, painters, farmers) or at home, steer clear from harmful chemicals as it could lead to a lower sperm count.

10. Go for a medical check-up - Get yourself to the doctor to find out if you have any underlying medical conditions that you are not aware of. Many conditions could lead to infertility. Just to name a few: STDs, diabetes, thyroid, anemia, Cushing's syndrome and others.

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