What does a female orgasm 'LOOK' like? These faces reveal the truth!

What does a female orgasm 'LOOK' like? These faces reveal the truth!

What does a female orgasm LOOK like in reality? These pictures were taken right here in Singapore by photographer Marcos Alberti!

What does a female orgasm LOOK like in reality?

Famous Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti recently teamed up with sex toy brand Smile Makers, to capture 22 women’s faces before, during and after their orgasm – in an attempt to break down the barriers of female sexual well being.

Because pleasure is as much a woman’s right as it is a man’s.

And it looks nothing like what you see on movies and the Internet.

Don’t believe us? Check out some pictures from Marcos’s photoshoot, which happened right here in Singapore!

The ‘O project’ – All about the female orgasm

The ‘O’ project aims to break down the barriers and stigma surrounding female sexuality and masturbation, and to celebrate desire.

Apparently, about 22 women from different backgrounds were asked to pleasure themselves using a sex toy, and were photographed before, during, and after their orgasm.

Marcos has been quoted as saying, “One of my main concerns about this project, was to make every woman feel comfortable in the studio. I designed a curtain with a small hole for the camera, but I didn’t know if these women will forget that I was there, but they all did.”

“Real expressions, they were not acting or faking it, we managed everything to be real.”

Without further ado, here are the very aesthetically shot pictures. The unmistakable glow on the women’s faces in the end say it all!

What does a female orgasm 'LOOK' like? These faces reveal the truth!

PHOTO: Marcos Alberti

Well, what do you think? 😉  

Fan Yang, Global Brand Manager of Smile Makers says, “All the women who modelled were in awe of their photos, especially the final shot where they were glowing and radiant.”

“That final shot, of a strong female grinning into the camera, is exactly what we want people to see.”

Meanwhile, if you are wondering why these women look so much more beautiful and radiant after their big ‘O’, here’s why:

  • According to this study, having an orgasm raises the levels of oestrogen in a woman’s body. It helps in preventing aging by preventing the decrease of collagen, an important protein for maintaining the appearance of youthful skin. 

It also helps prevent wrinkles and locks in the skin’s moisture!

  • As for the post-sex glow, during sex, there’s an increase in the rate of blood flowing through your body, meaning more of the blood cells carrying oxygen reach your face.

    All that oxygen stimulates collagen production, and when your blood vessels start to dilate, you get that rosy, flushed look. All leading to…great skin! 😉

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(Source: Marcos Alberti)

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