These 10 photos of fatherhood moments will make your ovaries explode

These 10 photos of fatherhood moments will make your ovaries explode

The growing trend of co-parenting prioritises the importance of a father's role in their child's life. These dads are definitely doing it right!

An Instagram account has been set up to celebrate fatherhood moments from around the world.

The account @dontforgetdads shares adorable images and short stories about dads and their dedication towards their little ones.

Often, our focus is turned towards stories of mums doing so much for their kids. And sometimes, some of us are guilty of forgetting dads. 

Its tagline is "I don't babysit. I parent." This encourages more dads to show their fatherly love on social media while being more involved in the lives of their kids.

After all, a study has found that children with better relationships with their fathers turn out with less behavioural problems.

These are just 10 of our favourite fatherhood moments that melted our hearts:

#1: What a precious fatherhood moment captured perfectly... <3

#2 Oh, my ovaries can't take this!

#3 This papa pulls off babywearing like a pro! 

#4 This is #fatherhoodgoals! 

#5 An amazing raw and emotional fatherhood moment, captured right as he was holding his baby for the first time

#6 Daddies are super awesome at bringing out our more adventurous sides!

#7 The best bonding time? You guessed it! Nap times!

#8 Skin to skin bonding... another lovely fatherhood moment not to be missed. 

#9 This daddy is smashing gender roles left right centre!

#10 This daddy is enjoying every fatherhood moment he can... 

Dads are just so important in our children's lives. Don't forget to document these precious fatherhood moments as much as possible! 

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Sarah Voon

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