Dad Cycles To Deliver Bag Of Chocolates To NSF Son And Fellow Firefighters

Dad Cycles To Deliver Bag Of Chocolates To NSF Son And Fellow Firefighters

There's no love greater than the love a parent has for their child.

I don’t know about you, but growing up I always thought that my dad was super down to earth and self-sacrificing. It didn’t matter if he made himself the butt of a joke. All he wanted was to bring to us—my sister and I—happiness. 

While all parents show their love and support differently, here’s one dad that brought it to a whole new level. 

Cycled To Where His Son Was After Fighting A Fire: father delivers chocolates to son

A video was posted on Twitter by son Rauf, who is serving NS with the SCDF. 

“So my dad cycled down to where I was fighting a fire earlier, with a plastic bag full of Mars chocolates for the firefighting crew there and the level of extra-ness,” wrote Rauf.

It was literally the cutest and sweetest thing as the adorable dad was seen smiling widely as he waved to his son.

The dad also probably travelled from far seeing that the area was rather run-down, just to deliver those treats. 

father delivers chocolates to son

Father delivers chocolates to son. | Source

No Grand Gestures, It’s All in The Little Things

Although the video was short, nothing spells like love, with this dad’s act of service (one of the 5 love languages).

And sometimes, it doesn’t mean that parents who don’t show their love explicitly through actions or words are not concerned about you.

“As long as you’re happy with where you are in life, they’re happy for you too,” wrote Rauf.

Growing up, with more responsibilities and commitments it can be easy to focus our energies on work and family. But this is a reminder that while we are getting older, our parents are, too. Even so, their love doesn’t cease. 

And if you are fortunate to still have your parents around, even sending them a quick text or call could warm the folks’ hearts too. 

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Jia Ling

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