Beckham says "no" to daughter dating

Beckham says "no" to daughter dating

Like any other father, David Beckham is so reluctant and overprotective of his youngest daughter dating that he's even willing to lock her up in a tower like Rapunzel.

father-daughter relationship Bekham says "no" to daughter kissing

Bekham says "no" to smooching

According to The New Paper, former English football captain, David Beckham, would say “absolutely not" to the idea of his daughter dating. He was quoted in the English media saying, “to have a daughter is a whole different story”. Harper Beckham, just 22 months old, Beckham’s fourth child, still has a long way to go when it comes to dating. However, she will have to deal with a protective father, with Beckham saying “She's not going out. She's going to be like Rapunzel - up in the tower."

Father-daughter relationship

It's not uncommon for fathers to have the innate nature of being overprotective about their daughters. They say a father is a girl's first love and no man can treat his (a father's) girl better than him. No doubt, fathers should maintain a close relationship with their daughters to be their best friend and their protector. When you create a normal and healthy relationship with your daughter, only then can you really get to see your daughter's deepest and truest emotions at any age.

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father-daughter relationship Find out how to establish a healthy father-daughter relationship

Establishing that father-daughter relationship

Dads out there, I know that it's hard to relate to your daughters, given that you were not born as a female or for that matter, in the same generation either. Their needs might pass off as too complicated for you, however, you have to be understanding so that you can develop a close relationship, which can eventually help you see inside their tiny world. It can probably also help you get close enough to your daughter to let you get an idea of what kind of guy she's dating!

Here are some tips, as reported by -Fatherhood, that you can adopt if you do want to establish a close father-daughter relationship:

  1. Respect her mother. Treat her mother right. Just the way you want your daughter's date to treat her.
  2. Know her network. Friends are important to your daughter as she grows up. Host parties at your house to know her circle of friends. Better to have parties at your own home than who knows where!
  3. Start listening.Your daughter needs a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Listen to what your daughter has to say and she will start appreciating you.
  4. Read books with her. It will bring you two closer as you start discussing about the stories read. Your daughter will find it easier to discuss mature topics with you.
  5. Involve yourself. Get to know her activities and talk to her about it. Occasionally, compliment her efforts. Motivation comes free and is indeed, a worthy investment.
  6. Assist in her homework. You know how stressful it can get with schoolwork when it comes to studying in Singapore. Help your daughter, and you will acquire some precious bonding time.
  7. Be present at her crossroads. Ensure that you are always there, be it on her birthdays or even at her driving test. Those little efforts by you are the ones that make you a big part of her life.
  8. Keep the promises that you made to her. She will see the commitment in you and will be convinced that other men are able to commit and be trustworthy too.

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Maintaining a close father-daughter relationship is never easy, however you will reap the benefits if you start somewhere. Girls are more sensitive than boys. Take that extra initiative to understand them and they will open up to you. Breaching that dating topic will never be easy, but having a great father-daughter relationship will make understanding each other better!

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