David Beckham's new tattoo, designed by daughter Harper

David Beckham's new tattoo, designed by daughter Harper

David Beckham is completely wrapped around his 4 year-old daughter's finger — and now, she’s made her mark on his hand...

The hunky footballer already has plenty of tattoos on his body. But his latest design could possibly be the most precious one yet.

David Beckham's youngest child, Harper (aged 4), got in on the action this time, and used his palm as a canvas to doodle a little drawing.

On an Instagram post, the 40-year-old flaunts his new tatt design; a stick figure drawn on his hand, followed by the caption "Apparently Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy." Aaaw.....


It doesn't stop there.

Soon after, Beckham posted another photo on Instagram that involved his sons that said, "We love you daddy" on his skin. The post was accompanied with the caption "The boys expressing how they feel about daddy".

Looks like Harper wasn't the only one who got to add to her father's body art!


These are the first among the footballer's many family-themed tattoos actually designed by his children.

We are definitely feeling the family love!

Image Credit: Getty Images

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