Fast & happy 1-hour Labour

Fast & happy 1-hour Labour

Linda Teo shares her labour story with

Started the morning with contractions but didn't know as it was my 1st pregnancy. Moreover, had 'told' our girl to let mommy attend 2 weddings and enjoy the good food first before popping. Had already attended 1 wedding the night before and was going to attend a wedding lunch on that day. Didn't anticipate I'd give birth that day, so did not bring camera along.

In the late afternoon, went shopping at Ikea and had contractions. Timed them to be every 5 to 10 minutes, but it was still bearable. My gynae had specifically told me to only admit myself when the pain was unbearable. So decided to go out of the way to buy fried rice with my husband, which I had been craving for.

In the evening at my parents' house, my husband went to attend to something after telling him I was alright and didn't have to go to the hospital. I had the fried rice when there was no pain. When the pain came, I stopped and laid on the sofa. This continued till I had my fill and had the feeling of passing motion. Mom kept pestering me to go to the hospital or at least to call the gynae, and to bathe as well. I finally decided to call him when I had the urge of passing motion, yet nothing came out. By then, I was in terrible pain, though it was still bearable when there was no contraction. Called my husband and he drove me to hospital at 9pm.

Upon arrival at the hospital, I told my husband to leave the hospital bag in the car as most likely won't give birth that day. After a quick registration, a midwife checked on me and was surprised that I was already 5-6cm dilated and it was too late for epidural.

She gave me laughing gas and I was in lala-land while hubby went to do all administrative work. Half hour later, he was back with me but I could sense all the commotion in the room. I only remember the gynae saying I was 8cm dilated and he burst my water bag.

When it was time for me to start pushing, I didn't know how to push and realized that I could only hear hubby's voice giving me instructions. I heard him say '1 final push' and then our dear daughter was born. I teared when I finally saw her, having carried her with me everywhere I went for 9 months. I managed to send photos of her to relatives and friends immediately after labour via handphone and everyone was surprised I was still in good spirits after the labour.

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