The truth behind Fann Wong’s weight loss

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Wondering how celebrity mum Fann Wong lost 16kg in less than three months? Find out in this article ...

Fann Wong's weight loss

What an adorable family! Little Zed, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee.
Image credit: Fann Wong’s Facebook page.

We all love local celebrity Fann Wong, and many of us followed her pregnancy last year, delighting in how beautiful she looked even while heavily pregnant. When she and husband Christopher Lee announced the birth of their little boy Zed Lee on National Day 2014, we celebrated along with them.

Despite her star status, Fann may have more things in common with you than you realize.  First off, you are both mums who love their kids like only a mother can. And just like you might have, Fann struggled with post-pregnancy weight issues, having piled on 16kg while pregnant with Zed.

Fann – after giving birth – joined the ranks of abut 99% of Singaporean mums who have at least one body area of concern, as revealed in a survey done by theAsianparent Insights team (see infographic below).

Fann Wong's weight loss

However, since the birth of her son, Fann has lost an incredible amount of weight and has now gotten back to her pre-pregnancy weight of 53kg.

You might have read the many online rumours that Fann lost all this weight with the help of diet pills and other weight loss supplements. But that’s all they are – rumours.

You want to know how Fann really lost the baby weight?

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