The truth behind Fann Wong's weight loss

The truth behind Fann Wong's weight loss

Wondering how celebrity mum Fann Wong lost 16kg in less than three months? Find out in this article ...

We all love local celebrity Fann Wong, and many of us followed her pregnancy last year, delighting in how beautiful she looked even while heavily pregnant. When she and husband Christopher Lee announced the birth of their little boy Zed Lee on National Day 2014, we celebrated along with them.

Despite her star status, Fann may have more things in common with you than you realize.  First off, you are both mums who love their kids like only a mother can. And just like you might have, Fann struggled with post-pregnancy weight issues, having piled on 16kg while pregnant with Zed.

Fann Wong's weight loss

What an adorable family! Little Zed, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee.
Image credit: Fann Wong’s Facebook page.

Fann – after giving birth – joined the ranks of abut 99% of Singaporean mums who have at least one body area of concern, as revealed in a survey done by theAsianparent Insights team (see infographic below).

fann wong

However, since the birth of her son, Fann has lost an incredible amount of weight and has now gotten back to her pre-pregnancy weight of 53kg.

You might have read the many online rumours that Fann lost all this weight with the help of diet pills and other weight loss supplements. But that’s all they are – rumours.

fann wong

“I have been breastfeeding Zed since [his] birth and I will not put my son’s health at stake by taking any form of slimming or diet pills.” – Fann Wong.
Photo from Fann Wong’s Facebook page.

Fann Wong’s weight loss secret unveiled

Two months after delivering baby Zed, Fann decided that it was time to get rid of her post-baby kilos.

As the brand ambassador for Marie France Bodyline, of course it made perfect sense to her to turn to them – and not to a company falsely claiming she took their diet pills – to get her pre-pregnancy weight back. In fact, pills marketed by such companies are usually not certified by  Singapore’s Ministry of Health or other international bodies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and can pose serious health risks to users.

As a breastfeeding mum, Fann understands the health risks that taking slimming pills can present both to herself and her baby . She explains on her Facebook page:

I have been breastfeeding Zed since birth and I will not put my son’s health at stake by taking any form of slimming or diet pills. Marie France Bodyline has been my companion throughout my body contouring journey and I only rely on their advanced technology, experienced staff and effective nutrition advice to achieve my slender figure today.

Fann followed a professionally planned out and cutting edge slimming programme by Marie France Bodyline that turned out to be so successful she lost a total of 16kg and over 29 inches in about two months.

fann wong

Day 1 of Fann Wong’s weight loss journey with Marie France Bodyline.

Fann’s three-phase slimming system


Fann went through four treatments in this phase that were specially customised to detoxify while improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. This stage saw a significant reduction in soft fats, water retention and cellulite.

Treatments used in this phase: 

  • Chromolite System 3
  • Advanced Hi-Constructive Therapy
  • Institute Treatment Systems CelluFix Contour Treatment
  • Cryocelle Phased System


  • Stimulates circulation and tissue oxygenation
  • Reduces fat around stubborn areas
  • Increases metabolism and anti-oxidants in your body
  • Targets water retention
  • Cellulite reduction
fann wong

Fann lost the 16kg pregnancy weight gain in around just two months.


Fann saw this this phase targeting fat loss in stubborn areas and noticed an improvement in body contours and skin texture. She also received a collagen boost that instantly helped reduce unsightly stretch marks.

Treatments used in this phase:


  • Intensifies burning of stubborn fats
  • Redefines body contours
  • Stimulation of collagen and reduction of stretch marks
  • Detoxifies the skin to improve texture and reduces water retention
  • Firming effect on the bust line


The final phase of Fann’s slimming routine focussed on accentuating her natural curves and the firmness of her skin, while improving her skin’s texture and smoothness. The final result? Gorgeous glowing skin and a firm, healthy body!

Treatments used in this phase: 


  • Targets stubborn fats and firms skin
  • Redefines and contours the body curves
  • Improves skin texture, smoothness and boosts radiance

You can read more about Fann’s slimming journey with Marie France Bodyline by clicking this link.

fann wong

You too can experience Marie France Bodyline’s Marie France Bodyline’s three-step slimming solution.

Want in on Fann’s post-natal slimming treatment?

Just follow this link to sign up for Marie France Bodyline’s three-step slimming solution today!

Marie France Bodyline’s team of professionals will first use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to carry out an overall assessment of your current body weight, fat percentage, and level of water retention, while identifying stubborn fat areas and signs of cellulite. This will help them identify problem areas accurately and tailor their treatments to suit your goals.

The consultants at Marie France Bodyline will then plan out achievable periodic weight loss targets throughout your treatment programme, taking into account modifications to your lifestyle such as, for example, your confinement diet.

Contact Marie France Bodyline today by clicking this link – you can find them at several convenient locations around Singapore.

Have you tried any of the programmes at Marie France Bodyline? Tell us about your experience and results! You can even leave a message for Fann Wong.

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