Family tips for F1 singapore

Family tips for F1 singapore

Here are some useful tips for an enjoyable F1 experience.

With the Singapore F1 race taking place this weekend, road closures have been enforced within the city area in the run up to race day. If you plan on heading to the Circuit Park to soak in the atmosphere and festivities, here are a list of tips to ensure minimum inconveniences to you and your family.

Formula one with family

Formula one with family

Here are some tips for a safe and enjoyable F1 experience:

  • Public transport is highly encouraged, as the roads around Circuit Park are closed. Full details about the road closure can be found via CNA website. One could plan ahead of the route to take to different entry points of Circuit Park, via Singapore F1.
  • Do put on ear-plugs as the sounds of the roaring engines could reach 120 decibels, enough to cause damage to hearing. Children are especially vulnerable to hearing damage.
  • Dress in light clothing, as it could get warm and humid in Circuit Park.
  • Bring only what you need, as baggage checks are conducted at each entry point into Circuit Park.
  • Print out a map to help guide your way in Circuit Park.
  • Do not let your child wander out of your sight. Heavy crowds are expected, and could easily lose his or her way.
  • Picture moments galore, so bring along your camera to capture these priceless moments.
  • Food and drinks are available in Circuit Park as well, and would be a good idea to take note of their location

Above all, have an enjoyable time in Circuit Park!

Source: Singapore GP


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