The newly-refurbished Orchard Rendezvous Hotel is a great place for families to stay. Here’s why!

The newly-refurbished Orchard Rendezvous Hotel is a great place for families to stay. Here’s why!

Mums and dads, looking for a family friendly hotel in Singapore? Check out the newly-refurbished Orchard Rendezvous Hotel. We think it's great for a staycation!

As you walk through the doors of the Orchard Rendezvous Hotel with your family, it’s like you’ve come home.

This feeling of familiarity and nostalgia is not surprising. Recently, Far East Hospitality, one of Singapore’s leading hotel and serviced residence operators, announced the rebranding of the iconic Orchard Parade Hotel to Orchard Rendezvous Hotel.

Today, Orchard Rendezvous Hotel has blossomed into a place that effortlessly combines a cosy, old-world charm, with sublime new interiors and beautifully-refreshed family-friendly rooms.

We got a chance to see these changes for ourselves, and truly understand why the Orchard Rendezvous Hotel is perfect for a family staycation.

5 Reasons Why the Orchard Rendezvous Hotel Is The Ideal Family Friendly Hotel in Singapore

1. Spacious Rooms

family friendly hotel in Singapore

Family suite

Perhaps one of the most important features of a family-friendly hotel is its rooms. The Orchard Rendezvous Hotel does not disappoint. Trust us when we say that we haven’t seen such spacious family rooms in a Singapore hotel in quite a while!

The Family Suite comes with a sitting and dining area, a double bed and two single beds. It is perfect for families with older children or those staycation-ing with the grandparents.

family friendly hotel in Singapore

Family room

The Family Room is super cute as well, and comes with a bunk bed and the most adorable kiddie easel. There is a large, comfy king-sized bed, just in case the little ones insist on snuggling in with you.

There is also a kitchenette in case you need to heat up some milk or food for your kids. The bathrooms are nice and spacious as well, with both bathtub and shower areas. We even spotted the cutest of rubber duckies!

Room interiors are lovely, with the striking pepper motif making room dividers look regal. Carpets, and headboards are botanical-inspired as well, and the lovely orchids are a graceful accent to the tables in each room.

These family rooms have an apartment-like air to them, and feel like a home away from home.

Also, parents,  if you want to hold events like baby shower or kids’ birthday parties, there are four function rooms to choose from, which can accommodate up to 250 guests.

family friendly hotel in Singapore

2. Learning Opportunities Are Plenty

These days, parents want more than only fun and frolic (still very important, though!) from a family staycation or holiday. They want edutainment opportunities too. The Orchard Rendezvous hotel offers this, perhaps most beautifully through their elegant interior décor.

As you walk into the lobby, the stunning beauty of its pepper leaf chandelier will grab your attention. But beyond its elegance, it also cleverly captures the history of the area.  Did you know that Orchard Road was once known for its pepper farms, spice gardens and fruit orchards?

As you move deeper into the hotel, you’ll realise how painstakingly the hotel immortalises these botanical elements of Singapore’s history and culture through its interiors.

For instance, the atrium of the lobby features a majestic Ficus Benjamina tree. Sunlight coming in through the glass ceiling creates a park-like ambience, and makes it a truly refreshing area for reading and relaxation.

The lobby bar next door serves pastries, coffee, and spiced teas, with something delectable for every member of your family.

We couldn’t help but notice the botanical theme everywhere, from the orchids on the counter, the artworks adorning the walls, or the patterns in the carpeted corridors.

Perhaps when you are there, mums and dads, it would be nice to educate the little ones a bit about Orchard Road’s history, and how it was once all about farms and plantations!

3. The Pool

family friendly hotel in Singapore

What’s a family staycation without a pool? Trust us, the Orchard Rendezvous Hotel won’t let you down. Their pool, situated on Level 6, is a lovely area for the kids to splash around, or for mum to sneak in a relaxing swim while dad takes the little ones for a stroll. The pool experience is made especially enchanting by the gardens and flowers around. There’s also a pool bar situated right next to the pool for drinks and refreshments.

A striking feature of Level 6 (and another learning opportunity for the children) is the presence of the hotel’s exclusively commissioned orchid, the Vanda Orchard Rendezvous.

Created by the Orchid Society of South East Asia (OSSEA), and registered with the Royal Horticultural Society of the UK, this two-toned orchid is the first orchid commissioned for a Singapore hotel by OSSEA.

The gym is also situated on Level 6 for fit and fabulous mums and dads to stay that way.

4. Foodie Paradise

If you and the little ones are craving for some good old-fashioned Chinese cuisine, you are in luck. Orchard Rendezvous Hotel has both Kam Boat Teochew Restaurant and Tung Lok Signatures within the hotel itself! Kam Boat Teochew Restaurant is well-known for its live seafood and Peking Duck, while Tung Lok Signatures is the go-to place for dim sum!

Alternatively, enjoy a good steak dinner with the family at Black Angus Steakhouse, also situated at the hotel premises. Their signature USDA Slow Roasted Prime Rib is a crowd puller!

And, if your heart is beating for Japanese food, head straight to Akanoya Robatayaki, which offers some of the best Japanese cuisine in Singapore. Enjoy an authentic Robatayaki meal, where your choice of veggies or seafood is grilled to perfection over hot charcoal!

family friendly hotel in Singapore

5. Location, Location, Location

Lastly, it goes without saying that the hotel’s location is perfect. Orchard Rendezvous Hotel sits at the head of Orchard Road, Singapore’s most famous shopping and entertainment street.

So whether you want to shop till you drop, catch a family movie or simply grab a quick bite, the easy access to the city’s hotspots make a world of a difference.

Forum The Shopping Mall, a family-oriented mall in Singapore, is situated just 100 metres away from the hotel. And they have, ahem, Toys “R” Us. After a day of shopping, parents and kids can satisfy their appetite with the mall’s cafes and restaurants such as Jamie’s Italian, Uma Uma Ramen, and Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery.

Mums and dads, if the hustle and bustle of the city is not your thing, why not head over to the famed Singapore Botanic Gardens for some quality family time? This UNESCO World Heritage site is just a short 20-minute walk away from the hotel. Also, further down the road is Dempsey Hill, which again, offers exciting dining options.

For those looking to explore more of Singapore’s culture, food, nightlife and other attractions, bus and train options are aplenty. The hotel is just a 10-minute walk away from Orchard MRT.

To sum up, mums and dads, the quaint charm of this newly-refurbished Orchard Rendezvous Hotel, beautiful, spacious rooms, and a great location makes this hotel perfect for that family staycation. We definitely recommend it!

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