Top 3 reasons your family will have an amazing Easter at Brez'n

Top 3 reasons your family will have an amazing Easter at Brez'n

It's almost Easter and if you're not sure where to bring your loved ones for a nice family meal, here are three great reasons why Brez'n is the perfect place for you!

Easter is just around the corner and after 40 days of fasting, praying and penance, you might be wondering where exactly would be a great place to celebrate the end of Lent with your loved ones.

If you’re looking for something a little different from the usual local fare, then you will be delighted by the authentic Bavarian cuisine and quality imported beers served at Brez’n.

This cosy restaurant has a rustic feel with tasteful decor and roomy seating where you can choose from either the al fresco experience with lovely wooden tables and benches, or dine indoors underneath the quaint antler chandeliers hanging from above.

Brez'n, restaurant, dining, Bavarian food

You can also sit by the bar and enjoy a couple of freshly poured Bavarian beers

Brez’n’s name comes from the Bavarian word for pretzel, a famous (and scrumptious!) sour dough bread that typically goes well with a good beer.

Not only can you try this freshly made oven-baked treat at Brez’n, if you look carefully you can also spot the unique pretzel design carved onto the back of your wooden dining chairs!

So if you’re looking for a great place to spend quality time with your family this Easter, here are the top three main reasons why you should definitely book a table at Brez’n:

1. Special Easter Menu

There will always be favourite foods associated with certain celebrations, such as Yu Sheng (or Lo Hei) during the Lunar New Year, or roast turkey with stuffing for Thanksgiving, and also Christmas gingerbread cookies.

Start a new tradition and make your Easter a unique and memorable one this year by choosing from Brez’n’s special ala carte Easter menu of authentic Bavarian food, or share the mouth-watering Osterplatte (Easter Platter) with your loved ones!

This succulent platter is perfect for a small family and has something for everyone:

Brez'n, pork knuckle, food

The juicy pork knuckle is huge enough to fill everyone’s tummy!

Brez’n’s signature crispy pork knuckle

The sheer size of the pork knuckle alone is already impressive enough on it’s own and you can be sure that there’s plenty of meat to go around the table!

As you cut into the crispy skin, you can hear the crackle and will be delighted by the juicy, well-seasoned pork that has been prepared by Brez’n’s experienced chef.

Who will enjoy this: This signature dish will be a hot favourite for mum and dad, as well as grandma and grandpa — although junior would probably appreciate a few tasty slices too!

Brez'n, lamb shank, food

The succulent lamb shank is served with sweet baby carrots and cherry tomatoes

Glazed slow cooked lamb shank

Meat lovers rejoice, for this delectable and tender lamb shank has been marinated with homemade brine, rosemary, thyme and garlic before being slow roasted for hours, so it’s easy to sink your teeth into for your carnivorous fix.

Just try to resist the urge to pick the whole thing up and chomp down on it viking style, because after the first juicy bite you might be tempted to do so!

Who will enjoy this: This may be good for bigger kids (who will probably squeal over the adorable sweet baby carrots), but both you and your partner will enjoy this savoury dish so much that you will most likely clean it to the bone.

Brez'n, salmon, food

Your little ones will like the delicious salmon that has been cooked to perfection!

Pan-fried salmon steaks with Wheatbeer-Hollandaise

The two thick pan-fried salmon steaks are just the right portions to share with your loved ones and you’ll be delighted by the pleasant and deliciously smoky flavour.

The homemade hollandaise sauce which is infused with Paulaner wheat beer also greatly compliments the perfectly cooked fish.

Who will enjoy this: This hearty dish should be popular with everyone, even your pint-sized picky eater!

Brez'n, mashed potatoes, food

A perfect side dish to compliment all the savoury meats

Buttery herbed potato mash

Who knew mashed potatoes could taste this good? This humble side dish is great to have in between bites of the different meats on your Easter Platter.

The generous herbs give the creamy potatoes a full flavour and is topped off with some crispy onions, which makes it a good compliment to the other savoury foods.

Who will enjoy this: Perfect for the whole family as you might find your little one reaching over from her own tasty kid’s meal and happily tucking into this side dish too!

Easter Platter serves: 4 ~ 5 pax

Price: $118++

Go to the next page to find out more about what Brez’n has for you and your family!

2. Best Bavarian beers

What did you give up for Lent? Was it meat, social media, sugar or alcohol?

Whatever it was, you can now give yourself a much-deserved treat at Brez’n where they serve only the best beers directly imported from Munich!

There are five quality biers on tap available from leading Bavarian breweries, which includes:

  • Paulaner Munich hell (Lager)
  • Paulaner Hefe Weissbier
  • Paulaner Dunkel (Lager)
  • Hacker Pschorr Weisse
  • Seasonal brews

Happy hour: 4pm – 7pm daily

Price: 2 for $22 for all 0.5L beers and house pour wines


Your kids can keep themselves entertained with the Brez’n Kids Activity Bag and have fun at the kids corner

4. Child-friendly

Bringing your munchkins out for a nice family meal might be a bit of a challenge at times, but fret not because Brez’n is kid-friendly and has something for your little ones.

On Easter Sunday (16th April 2017), children who are 12 years and below can enjoy a tasty meal from the kid’s menu (with every adult meal ordered from the Easter menu) FOR FREE!

Hearty choices from the kids menu includes:

Kinderschnitzel – A crispy breaded chicken schnitzel served with thick cut fries and a small side salad

Käsespätzle – Hand-made German noodles dressed in a creamy cheese sauce

Brez’n Mini Bratwurst – Traditional German sausage with buttery mashed potatoes

Mini Brez’n Burger – A soft Brez’n bun with pork and beef patty with fries

Each kid’s meal also comes with a lovely Brez’n kids activity bag with crayons and a colouring book to keep them busy.

There is even a dedicated kids corner at Brez’n for your little ones to have some fun while mum and dad finish up.

Brez'n, food, Easter platter, dining

Here’s a chance for you to win the mouth-watering Osterplatte at Brez’n for you and your family this Easter!

Win a traditional Bavarian feast at Brez’n!

Now that you’ve drooled over the pictures of the glorious Osterplatte, how would you like to win a traditional Bavarian feast for you and your family this Easter?

Brez’n would love to give you a chance to tuck into their authentic Easter Platter consisting of their signature crispy pork knuckle, tender lamb shank, pan-fried salmon steaks and more. This special platter is worth $118++ and perfect for up to five diners.

Check out our online contest now!

Brez’n is located at 491 River Valley Road, Valley Point, #01-21/22/23, Singapore 248371. For more information, visit their website:

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