Facebook Launches Messenger Kids in Singapore

Facebook Launches Messenger Kids in Singapore

Just four steps can get your kids started with their Facebook Messenger Kids app.

The newly improved Messenger Kids app has extra security measures to help kids connect virtually to family and friends during these stay-home periods.

Circuit breaker measures are keeping kids at home all over the world. Home-based learning and other activities have kids in Singapore glued to technology and the internet. This constant exposure has parents worried about cyber safety. On the other hand, keeping kids connected to their friends and extended family is necessary for mental health. Facebook Messenger Kids is the one-stop solution at this time. On April 22, Facebook has rolled out its enhanced version to almost 70 countries worldwide.


Facebook Launches Messenger Kids in Singapore

Facebook Messenger Kids

Facebook had launched the app in 2017 but an implementational error had created negative news last year. The error allowed kids to invite friends and form groups without parents’ supervision. Keeping this security issue in mind Facebook has amended the problem and added user-friendly measures.

  1. Friendship under supervision

Earlier parents were managing contact lists and inviting friends for the kids. Yet, most parents want to give more independence to the kids while keeping safety intact. To keep this balance, the app has the option of ‘Supervised Friending’. Choosing to go with this, your kid can add, remove, accept or reject friends and contacts. You do not need to interfere with their freedom, but the Parent Dashboard allows you to override any approvals. Every time a kid takes an action on their Messenger page, the app notifies the parent.

  1. Kids’ groups getting together

Kids are missing out on the community feeling that they get through team activities and classroom learning. Through Messenger Kids, not only do they form groups, but you can approve an adult, such as another parent, to supervise the group. This adult will play the same role that a teacher or coach plays in your child’s life. This approved adult can connect all kids whose parents have given approval. Parents, teachers, coaches and the leader will all have access to the group and will receive notifications of new additions to the group.

  1. Enabling wider friend’s circle

Messenger Kids has come up with a special feature by which you may choose to have your child’s name and profile visible to others. Who it will be visible to, can be your decision – their friends’ parents, your friends, your colleagues, etc. This will extend their scope of a friendly network.

Facebook Launches Messenger Kids in Singapore

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The Fun Part

Facebook Messenger Kids is an interesting platform for kids. Your kids will have fun while they interact with others. Various exciting things are available.

  • They can see all their contacts on the Home page.
  • They can send photos and videos to any of the contacts.
  • Masks, emojis and sound effects make conversation lively.
  • Specially chosen frames, GIFs, stickers and drawing tools are at their disposal.

All this for the kids to take control while the parental control is intact. Also, no ads will feature in this app and it has compliance with Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act.

Getting Started

Just four steps can get your kids started with their Facebook Messenger Kids app.

  1. Download the app on your child’s machine. It is available in Google Play Store and Android devices.
  2. Use your Facebook ID and password to authenticate the child’s device.
  3. Create the child’s account by going through the process steps and choosing the options provided.
  4. Go to the Messenger Kids’ Parent Dashboard through your Facebook account. Now, you can add contacts for your child’s page.

Empower your kids with Messenger Kids app and help them cope with circuit breaker stay-in with positivity.

Facebook Launches Messenger Kids in Singapore


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