Explaining adult-sexy-time to your kids

Explaining adult-sexy-time to your kids

Just because you’re parents now, doesn't mean you can't have adult-sexy-time anymore! It's a different story, if your kids walk in on you though. Read more to find out how to talk to your kids about it!

adult sexy time

Read more to find out how to explain adult sexy time to your kids!

When couples become parents; sex is often the last thing on their minds, because of a hectic lifestyle. Well, let’s rephrase that: It is constantly on their mind, but the only thing that comes in between the two are kids.

And, explaining adult sexy time to children is not the easiest thing to do, thus parents sometimes avoid connecting and sharing any type of intimacy at all.

So, how can you save your love life and explain the concept of adult sexy time to kids? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Explaining adult sexy time to kids
Here’s a common scenario: Your older child walks in on the both of you making love in the middle of the night. Yes, it is a traumatizing thought for both parents and children.

It happens more often than people think. While it’s incredibly embarrassing for parents and traumatizing for the child, you should know that witnessing sexual activity will not ruin your child forever.

What to do
Ask your child kindly to wait outside the room, get dressed whether you’re finished doing it or not, and then go out to have a little chat with them.

Once you sit down with your child, ask them what they saw first. It’s important to understand what they witnessed before you go into a deeper explanation.

Questions about adult sexy time
If your child has questions, start out by explaining to them in an age-appropriate manner, such as when mums and dads love each other; they show each other by hugging and holding each other in private.

This hugging and holding is different from the way mums or dads hug and kiss their kids, and it is only for the couple and not little kids.

If they are older and more curious, you could say mum and dad are having sex, in order to get you a little brother or a little sister.

If they are concerned about the loud sounds, assure them that no one was hurt. Sometimes, mum and dad’s ‘special hug’ is so special that mummy “cries” a little bit to show how special she is finding it.

You also need to let your child know, in the future they need to always knock on your door before they enter the room, and wait for mum and dad to say come in.

Adult sexy time is good for the kids
While kids shouldn’t be exposed to sex, it’s important for them to see their parents acting affectionately with one another.

Gentle kisses, touching and hugging are all important for children to witness because it teaches them about healthy displays of love and affection.

Seeing parents who love one another physically is appropriate and heartwarming for young kids, and it lays the groundwork for their own future love relationships.

Kids feel more secure with themselves and in life when they see visible acts of love between parents.

So remember the next time you get it on: It is not just for you, but it is for the betterment of your kids too.

Tell us your opinions on talking to your kids about adult sexy time!

Source: momlogic.com

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