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Fannie Ang shares her labour story with theAsianparent.com

I am mummy of two kids, who born in year 2008 & 2010. I would like to share my two labours experience to all. When I am pregnant with my first baby girl, I has mixed feeling,as it was my first time experience mummy to be!!

I looked up online parenting and friends advise on choosing the right suitable gynae, which I decided to choose dr Joceyln Wong from tmc. I has no regret choosing her, as it"s my first pregnancy I has alot doubts which she always there to answer me. I has bad morning sickness for my first pregnancy, I had even encountered super aching backache during my 5 weeks pregnancy. I am always looking forward for my monthly prenatal check up and mt gynae advised my baby edd 6/10/08 ..

On 5 oct 2008, I has twice false labour alarm but I still able to remain calm . Till early morning 4 am there was water flushing out from my vagina which I am still wondering whether labor begins. My hubby quickly drove me to tmc a&e for admission and I has 12 hours of labor. When my gynae reached after 2 hrs in labour, she Did officially burst mr water bag. Regardless of long labour, I didn't has any pain relieve jab. My husband was surprised and kept repeating to me whether I need epidural !!! Anyway I able to pull through without epidual as my baby girl weigh around 3.5 kg,51 cm tall and head size 35cm.. My gynae was surprised to tell me " girl you are so good and brave " ... As for my 2nd pregnancy , I also carry 10 months excat ..

My gynae really good in predicting my edd , my bot borne on 6 august 2010 . My gynae can tell my baby gender at my 12 weeks pregnancy. I also has natural labor for my 2nd baby without epidural or other pain relieve jabs, 5 hours labor and I still can remain calm and awake . As I heard alot stories about 2nd labor, usually will be early due but my 2nd labor experience was same as my first one.water bag leak and carry 10 months through no plus or minus .

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