7 excuses tired mums and dads make to avoid connecting with each other...

7 excuses tired mums and dads make to avoid connecting with each other...

And how to avoid and overcome them.

1. "I love my kids more than anything or anyone else and I want them to have all of me and my time"

Just remember that it took both of you to create your kids, so spare a little love for your other half, too. 

excuses mums and dads make to avoid connecting

2. "I'm too tired to interact because I've been looking after the kids all day"

Yes, looking after kids makes parents crazy-tired. But do try to connect at the end of a long day, even if it means crashing on the couch together and watching a movie, instead of doing your own thing separately. 

3. "The kids always seem to want something whenever we make time for each other"

Kids do seem to have the worst possible timing. But do try and teach them to respect you and your partner's time with each other by saying something like, "Right now it's mummy and daddy's time together. We'll be with you in 20 minutes, promise."

excuses mums and dads make to avoid connecting

4. "We don't really need to spend time with each other because we enjoy being with the children so much"

Your kids shouldn't be the only link that connects you and your partner. 

5. "We can't afford to do the things we used to do together before having kids"

While this may be quite true, you don't have to spend a packet to enjoy time together. Watching a romantic movie together or even  having dinner at a hawker centre will still give you precious time together, to re-connect.

6. "Leaving the kids behind while we go out makes me feel guilty"

Mummy guilt or daddy guilt is common when you have to leave the kids behind. But do remind yourselves that spending some time away from them with just each other lets you rewind and recharge and be better parents. 

excuses mums and dads make to avoid connecting

7. "Honestly, being with the kids is easier than being with my partner"

This could be the case especially if your relationship is starting to show signs of wear and tear. But there's nothing like a good old talk to thrash things out and find out what your problems are. So do try to make time to have that chat with each other. 

Any other common excuses we've missed out on? If you can think of any more to be added to this list, tell us in a comment below. 

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