Alert! Infant brown rice Si Shen powder from Eu Yan Sang recalled

Alert! Infant brown rice Si Shen powder from Eu Yan Sang recalled

Eu Yan Sang infant brown rice Si Shen powder has been recalled, following discovery of a piece of wire mesh by a mum, in one of the tins. Read on...

Parents, please note. According to the TODAYonline, infant brown rice Si Shen powder from Eu Yan Sang has been recalled, following the discovery of a piece of wire mesh in one of the tins of the product.

Mummy's shocking discovery

Apparently, mummy Shiying Yan was shocked to find a piece of metal inside a tin of infant brown rice, and emailed her complaint to Eu Yan Sang on November 19. Their customer service officer offered her a refund or exchange, and asked for the affected tin for examination and investigation.

The mummy however decided to alert the public instead, putting up a post on Facebook the very same evening.


The following day, the affected product was removed from all Eu Yan Sang stores in Singapore.

AVA confirms the development

The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) has confirmed that they received feedback from a member of the public on 23 November. They are currently investigating this matter, together with Eu Yan Sang.

AVA further advises, "Consumers who have purchased the product are advised not to consume it."

Public reacts

The public has expressed extreme disappointment over this issue on social media, especially since infant baby food was involved.

"Brand doesn't means quality assured", says Facebook user Lee Wen Bee. "There goes their reputation", comments Pong Chen Guang. "When you see potassium and calcium in milk powder, wire mesh is probably cutting it a bit too much...", says Facebook user Tua Bah Tan.

Eu Yan Sang's statement

Eu Yan Sang, a popular Singapore producer and retailer of Chinese traditional medicine and health products, seems to have taken this breach in hygiene very seriously, and says, "We would like to assure our customers that this is an isolated incident which we take very seriously and are investigating as part of our due diligence. We seek our customers’ understanding that the lab test results will only be available in a week."

For any enquiries, public is advised to contact Eu Yan Sang at 1800 888 1879, or email [email protected].

Our take

Sometimes, any precaution that we take might be futile. Still, when giving store bought baby food to infants, it is best to :

  • Double check the date of expiry.
  • If the baby food is in a jar, do ensure that the safety button on the lid is down, or the seal is unbroken. Discard any jars that don’t “pop” when opened or have chipped glass or rusty lids.
  • For food that comes in plastic pouches, discard any packages that are swelling or leaking.
  • Lastly, extreme as it may seem, examine every spoonful of food that goes into the baby's mouth for traces of unwanted material.

Ultimately, the safety of the little one is of paramount importance, so we must not hesitate to listen to our instincts and discard any food that we find suspicious.

(Source: TODAYonlineThe Straits Times)

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