Escalator Injury In China Showcases Need For More Awareness

Escalator Injury In China Showcases Need For More Awareness

The girl never saw the wall...

We share many escalator injury stories to open the eyes of parents about such risks, hopefully reducing and eventually eliminating these preventable accidents. 

Today, we came across another elevator injury incident that left us shaken. But we are thankful that nothing serious happened to the girl. 

Escalator Injury In China Showcases Need For More Awareness The girl is dragged by her head, feet off the ground at one point. | Image: YouTube screengrab

Escalator Injury: Girl Could Have Been Decapitated 

In the video as captured on CCTV in a mall in China, you first see a mother and child coming up the escalator. Behind them is a girl who looks around 10 years old. She's alone. There are two people near her. 

As the escalator ascends, the girl pops her head over the railing. She doesn't see the overhanging wall that looms ahead of her. 

The girl's head gets stuck in the small gap between the escalator rail and the wall, as you can see in the video below. She is dragged up the rest of the way by her head. At one point, her feet are lifted off the escalator steps. Her head is finally released at the top of the escalator. 

We don't know where her parents were or if she sustained serious injuries, but it looks like she escaped anything severe. 

However, we know for certain that the outcome could have been much worse, even resulting in death. 

Ignored by Others

Perhaps as disturbing as what happened to the girl was the reaction of the other two people near her. When they saw what was happening, it looks like they panicked and ran off.

What they should have done was stop to help her, or even better, press the emergency stop button. 

Mums and dads, time and time again, we bring you these stories as reminders to never take your children's safety for granted. 

This latest elevator injury incident also reminds us that older kids are as vulnerable to freak accidents as younger ones. 

So, as much as you should be alert when with your smaller kids, at the same time, advise your older kids about how to stay safe. This is crucial especially if they are old enough to go to the mall, or come home from school, alone. 

Watch the video: 

Source: The Shanghaiist

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